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    This is a new one on me. I've always thought a line of Lauren collection kits would be cool, but I see that he's offering 1:8 built versions of some of his cars (about $9,500 each)...

    Bugatti Atlantic
    Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa
    Ferrari 250 GTO
    McLaren F1 LM

    Each car in Mr. Lauren's private collection is digitally scanned to capture the precise detail of every component. Accurate to one-tenth of a millimeter, the technology allows for the creation of an accurate scale reproduction of the original.
    A dedicated team of highly skilled model-makers worked for 3,000 hours to create the master model and an additional 350 hours to carefully assemble each individual limited edition model.
    A silicon rubber mold creates detailed castings of each model, which are then treated with authentic automotive paint systems. Hand-sprayed like the originals, and cut, fettled, sanded and polished, each replica is crafted for a superb finish.
    Finely crafted with extreme accuracy and attention to detail.
    Model is built on a 1:8 scale and authenticated with its own unique edition number and certificate. Presented in a protective acrylic Ralph Lauren collection in 1:8
    case that fits over a wooden base. Model: 9" H x 22" L x 9" D. Case: 11" H x 27" L x 14


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    Hi Skip,
    this guy must be in a desperate financial situation. I bought already some shirts and sweaters with his name tags in them, but quality is fine and the sweaters don't do their name any justice.


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