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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Garrett View Post
    You got me gigglin' now Guido.....none of my stuff will idle at 300 rpm. I can count faster than that. Just messin' with ya toys run way more cam than low idle speeds could even begin to keep up with just to keeping 'em running.
    Believe it or not Don, I did this by converting a 5.0 F.I. motor out of a '88 buttstang to a carb setup. I used the ol' run of the mill List-1850 600 cfm carb w/vac secondaries and stock jetting. I have another 5.0 out of my '91 LX that I'll be going through... On this motor, I'll be setting it up with a Wiend tunnel ram and a pair of Twisted Wedge cylinder heads I have. I'll also be using a very lumpy bump stick for it. Somewhere in the neighborhood of: .544 lift and 286 duration. That should make for some serious pony power.
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