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    Right now I am using Model Masters enamel Different primers? primer Different primers? , which takes way too long to dry. I dont mind this when taking my time to paint a nice body (which I have not been able to do yet). Are there any "fast" drying primers out there, that I can use to spray a part to check for defects, then sand Different primers? shortly after?

    Also, if there are any other primers you would recommend for bodies that would be greatly appreciated, thank you .

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    I use "Plasti-Kote" spot filler and primer Different primers? . It's commonly called a "high build" primer Different primers? because it fill's scratches and sanding Different primers? marks. Easy application, fast dry and sands well.
    You can find at your auto parts/body store and in some hobby shops.

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    The Plasticote is a good primer Different primers? but be careful of the lacquer Different primers? type. Without the right technique, which you can learn here, the primer Different primers? could attack the plastic and destroy your part. A couple of other good primers are Model Master's grey lacquer Different primers? primer Different primers? and Tamiya Different primers? grey and white primers. They are thinner Different primers? than the plasticote and can really show up the defects. They're also a bit kinder than the PlastiCote. If you leave those primers alone for 24 hours, you can sand Different primers? with impunity.

    Another thing about the lacquer Different primers? paints If you watch your technique, you can even use the Duplicolor paints. They're harder and after about a week drying time, which is probably more than you need. They polish up exceptionally well. When you're ready to go, e-mail me and I'll help you with the technique.
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