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  1. One of my fellow KC Slammers Ellis Kendrick gave his wife the ultimate Valentines gift this year! Ellis is friends with Fritz (Spritz by Fritz) Painter,Showrod restorer/builder extrodenaire! You may know him for his wild bubble top the Roswell Rod. Well Fritz was passing through KC. And since the Druid Princess is Carrol's(Ellis's Wife)favorite show car Fritz dropped by their house with the car for a valentines day suprize! Fritz just got done with the restoration and was on his way to deliver it to it's new home in Reno at the same museum the Boothill an alot of other famous show cars now reside! Here are a few pics Fritz is the tallguy with glasses. Ellis and Carrol are the two people who look totaly stunned!!
    Attached Images Attached Images Roth's Druid Princess visits Kansas City!-druid2-jpg  Roth's Druid Princess visits Kansas City!-druid-fritz-carrol-jpg  Roth's Druid Princess visits Kansas City!-druid-jpg  Roth's Druid Princess visits Kansas City!-druid-ellis-jpg  Roth's Druid Princess visits Kansas City!-druid-fritz-jpg 
    It's a fine line between stupid and cleaver....
    David St. Hubbins "Spinal Tap"

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