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    On Monday, I was searching '69 Dodge Dart interiors and was hit with a virus.
    It was strone enough that it got past Norton and Windows. I lost all my potos, documents, links and programs.
    I had to start from the beginning.Uploading windows, etc. It's amazing how much one has on their computer.
    I was just starting to down load my photos and Documents. Not I'm starting to gather that info again.

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    Ive been there but I may have some advice for you.

    First of all it looks like you had to start over and format your hard drive. When you did that you more then likely made a new partition so the old info may still in fact be there. Try a local data recovery service. More and more geeky repair shops are offering it. In the past it was crazy expensive. Something like $500 per drive but its come down allot. You may be able to recover the date and simply move it from the old partition to the new one. These shops can also make sure the virus doesn't tag along.

    OK so thats one option. You mentioned that the virus got past Norton. Did you have auto backups set? Did you ever have it setup? Try opening Norton and looking for the backup recovery. Also go to the Norton site and see if they stored at least one backup on there system. When you first got Norton it should have given you a bit of free space on the Norton server as a backup and usually most people actually do use it then when the free trial runs out they dont renew the service. Nice part is that Norton still should have that original backup.

    I hope this helps. So many people just start over when things like this happen and theres usually other ways to recover. You just need a bit of screen time to know what they are.


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