Cincinnati Challenge Photo Gallery
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Cincinnati Challenge Photo Gallery Cincinnati Challenge Photo Gallery Cincinnati Challenge Photo Gallery Cincinnati Challenge Photo Gallery Cincinnati Challenge Photo Gallery
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  1. Andym's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Sep 2005
    I took the Alfa to the Cincinnati Challenge 16 Scale Auto Show yesterday. For an open-entry, all-scale model show, this was the best showing of large scale models I've ever seen. There were some unique pieces (only one Pocher) and some excellent builds.

    To see all the pictures from the show, as well as the 1100 new photos I just posted from a dozen other model shows, go to my web site and click on Scale Model Shows in the Photo Gallery menu at the top-left.


    Attached Images Attached Images Cincinnati Challenge Photo Gallery-p4150546-jpg  Cincinnati Challenge Photo Gallery-p4150550-jpg  Cincinnati Challenge Photo Gallery-p4150553-jpg  Cincinnati Challenge Photo Gallery-p4150567-jpg 
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