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    working on my big deuce, and i need to make a master cylinder, and a slave cylinder for the transmission. anybody have tips on how to make these

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    Are you putting the master cylinder under the floor boards or mounting it on the firewall? It makes a difference when it comes to positioning the pedals.
    As far as the slave cylinder goes it could be as simple as a piece of tubing with some fittings for hydraulic lines attached to the side of the trans. The external mounted slave cylinder would need to be used in conjunction with a lever going through the side of the bell-housing to engage the the throw out bearing for the pressure plate.

    There are also internal slave cylinders (this is the easiest way) that go on the trans input shaft (internally) so all you would need to do is run the hydraulic lines in through the opening in the bell-housing that the throwout arm/lever used to occupy.

    When it comes to the master cylinder...check some of the 1:1 making master cylinders hot making master cylinders rod parts vendors for details on the unit. They usually have sizes and specs that can be scaled down to to give you a heads up on what it's supposed to look like and how it mounts.
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