Hello Everyone,
After spending the last ten years working on Revival metal kits in 1/20 I have begun to collect Protar 1/12 metal and partial metal kits. My goals with the Revival kits was to equal or surpass the detail and quality of their CMC counterparts. With the Portar models it is my goal to build professional museum quality examples of their die cast kits. I have been slowly acquiring the best kits I can afford in the marketplace and I have recently gotten what is hopefully a good example of the Fiat 806 Grand Prix car. The only condition was that the model did not come with the instruction booklet. So that is why I am here. This community offered a PDF of the booklet that I can now access for my model. I am pleased to be a part of this community and I hope I will be able make the most of my build and share it with you as I begin the journey. Thank you all.