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    Hello modelers!

    I've come across your forum in search of information you seem to have a lot of.... Pocher models!

    I recently came into a pair of kits, the Alfa Romeo Monza and Touring (K71 and K73). I was able to get both for a seemingly reasonable price and both boxes, while no longer sealed, are completely intact, unbuilt and in fantastic condition. Both were purchased by the original owner in the early 70s and sat in a closet ever since. I feel extremely fortunate to have come across these.

    I've been doing a fair bit of research, but as you can imagine information on these things is a bit scarce - until you turn over a few rocks and I feel like I've learned an overwhelming amount of information in the last few days. Tools to get, parts to upgrade, things to be cautious of... the rabbit hole goes deep. The wallet will need to as well.

    The unfortunate challenge (for you, poor modelers) is that although I used to build models as a kid, it's been quite some time and I've only gotten back into the hobby over the last few months. I've been building 1:24 cars and a few other random sci-fi kits, but obviously nothing approaching this level. I'm intimidated to be sure, but equally excited. I'm not afraid of the challenge, simply afraid of causing myself (and you!) agony. To be fair, I'm unlikely to start these right away as I need some time to continue research, acquire some upgrade parts from the folks at Model Motorcars New to this scale! Excited and terrified! (and the funds to do so), and build a handful more of the easier, cheaper kits I've been doing to hone my skills a bit. I'm still getting a hang of the finer details of good body finishes, but I've learned a lot in the last few months. I'm well outfitted with tools and supplies, but I'll need a few new specific ones for this eventual project.

    I look forward to learning from you all, I'll be asking plenty of questions along the way and plan to post my progress when I eventually take the plunge! Any advice would be greatly welcomed. My scratch building experience is pretty minimal, so I'll be sticking to the original kit with the exception of a few key upgrades I've learned about (as many as I can afford).

    I may as well start off with a simple question.... given that I have two of these kits, does anyone have any recommendations of which one is the better of the two to start with? They both look like fantastic vehicles, I can't decide which I would prefer so it might come down to the build process and specific challenges involved in each.

    All the best, and I look forward to speaking with you all!

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    Be sure to check out the collected photo galleries! There is a lot of information on this forum! -also do not hesitate to ask a question of any thread, some are dormant but not gone. Several of the builds and builders take sabbaticals, but lurk around just waiting to be helpful. We're all modelers here, and love to talk shop!
    -craftsmanship is a lifelong project of
    self-construction and self determination

  3. Fel's Avatar Member
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    Mar 2021
    Thanks! I spent several hours last night reading through threads and looking through photos. You guys do some very impressive work!!

    I'm currently putting together a list of parts and tools I will want and need for this project, mostly based on what I'm reading here. It will take time to accumulate but that's fine. I don't plan to go into this half-assed, I want to be prepared!

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