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    I am finishing up my latest project. It is 2 sizes of the 427 SOHC hemi replicas. Have had the 1/8 (9 pcs) printed & assembled, and the 1/12 motor is in the works.

    The 1/8 is just a motor for any big size project. The 1/12 motor works VERY well in any 1/12 Mustang.

    Each motor has 2 intakes, a dual quad & a Hilborn type injector. The injector has additional ram tubes for the 1/8 scale. The 1/8 dual quad intakes can use the carb from the Golden T or the Street T, and the 1/12 intake can use the carbs from the 69 Camaro model. Finally, the 1/12 scale motor replaces the need to wreak havoc on a Mean Maverick to get a motor when kit bashing 1/8 & 1/12 scale SOHC 427 .The valve covers do not have the logo on them because I don't wann step on no toes, and they were like that on the Mercury funny cars & pro stockers. There will be minimal cleanup & fitting for a perfect representation.

    If there is interest, I will be willing to sell motors.1/8 & 1/12 scale SOHC 427-sohc-427-1st-jpg1/8 & 1/12 scale SOHC 427-injected-motor-jpg

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