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    Hello guys!!!! I've just found out this forum on Google while doing some research for an old 1/8 scale Monogram kit and tought it'd be cool to jump in!!! Last week i scored for a more than friendly and especially MIRACULOUS 40$ a built up (but EXTREMLEY CLEAN and easy do dissassemble -not painted and very light glue between parts) 1/8 scale Turbo Trans Am to restore but i want to get rid of the turbo and wheels... So my question for you guys is: Does anyone of you remembers an old and very rare version of the Monogram T-Bucket that came with 4 Cragar SS wheels and early 70s BFG's Radial T/A tires? Otherwise, i'd be looking for the hood, engine, decal Hello from a Canadian newbie!!! sheet and wheels from the other big Trans Am kit, the T/A with the 6.6 litre engine... Big thanks in advance for your help guys!!!

    By the way, here are a few pics of my baby...

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