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    I recently saw a Pocher model on eBay, and the seller had it listed for $23.68 buy it now, and free shipping. From China. In case you haven't figured it out yet, it's a scam. The buyer name is a long string of random letters and numbers, and just joined eBay a few days ago. If you buy it, as soon as your payment clears, the seller will end his eBay and PayPal accounts, never to be heard of again, and 23$ richer. Then he creates a new account and does it again, and again.

    I have reported several of these listings to eBay several times, but these scammers are like weeds. So don't fall for it, and tell your friends. And report it to eBay if you find one of these.

    it's also possible that I'm late to the party and this is already a widely known issue. If so, then just ignore me, I'm a little slow sometimes.


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    Quite right to let fellow model makers know about this scam. Looks like the scammer relies on multiples of the small amount advertised to rake in plenty of cash from the same ad. And also as the amount is small that the person conned will just put it down to experience and not complain. Pay Pal should be able to trace the IP number of the scammers computer and put a block on it if you suspect a scam is going on. There is an old line that says if it looks too good to be true then it is too good to be true.
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    ​Thank you Scott! -Don
    -craftsmanship is a lifelong project of
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    I must say here, Ebay don't care about scammers and won't help you, tryed to report scammers several times, they just don't care about it, allways buy with Paypal on Ebay, look at seller feedback and info on return, a strange adress, has the seller other sales on.
    I was annoying a scammer long ago in france that was posting pochers, won the sale and didn't pay, ebay didn't do anything about the seller. There you go !

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    I have bought a lot of my tools, and a few kits on Ebay, and ABSOLUTLY buy with Paypal! -AND, look at the seller's history! Send them a message to clarify issues before your bid. Check the sellers feedback. Look at similar items, and how they are priced.

    Over-all I have had very good results with my buying on Ebay, but I have been "Taken" a few times. -I had a purchase that was never sent, but the seller had a "Sad" story, and I let the time drag on, eventually the only recourse was to leave a detailed and honest account of the exchange. Other potential bidders contacted me with mixed responses to the same seller. But they were at least informed.

    I continue to purchase online, but be careful. Read everything and do not buy impulsively. You can always ask the seller to relist if the money or timing is not right for you.

    -I have had some very good exchanges with sellers! Some are people who want their item to go to someone who will continue to use it; I have at my workbench a vise that's 150+/- years old! I have a few airbrushes that are also centenarians! With Ebay purchases I have found articles that allowed me to go backwards reading the articles of Michele Conti and Manual Olive Sans, and not knowing if these two modelers had known each other, I did discover one day that they had! and that moment was documented in an article written back in the early sixties.

    For all of us "Old Timers" the online world and online auctions, are for the most part a good thing! -I think.

    But, buyer be aware! has never been bad advise. -Don
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    -craftsmanship is a lifelong project of
    self-construction and self determination

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    I fell for one of these scams also. I reported it to e-bay and they did get my money refunded. Now if I see one of these bogus listings I click on the "report this seller" link and the listing soon disappears. Or I have sent the seller an inquiry asking if it's a scam and the listing disappears.

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