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    Quote Originally Posted by jbwelda View Post
    So I was kindly informed on another forum that the "Mark" in question was in fact not Mark Scalemaster. So sorry for the inference. I was obviously incorrect in that Holmesian assumption.

    My point remains that it is the professional thing to do to shrug off bad experiences and move on, learning a lesson along the way. All writers have problems with editors, paymasters, bosses or whomever for a variety of reasons. It is best to keep those problems to themselves and not air dirty laundry in public.

    And there are many sides to every story. I was just reading one here.

    I'm sorry, but when you do something for payment, then payment is not only expected, but a requirement, & those who don't pay & try to rip off people should be exposed, so others don't fall victim to their scam. If you're not paid for working, do you merely "shrug it off & move on"? "It is best to keep those problems to themselves and not air dirty laundry in public." Pray tell, were you not raised to stand up for yourself, & for others that got taken advantage of?

    And, as was exposed when I made that post at MCM, (& it was in every section I could post it in, not only in the Drag Racing one, for maximum exposure), Gregg has been ripping off contributors, (or attempting to), for some 20 years now, so it's a constant, ongoing pattern of deceitful behavior & trying to con people, not isolated occurrences or incidents. Though I didn't mention it in that post, (one thing I did forget to cover), that's the main reason so many contributors that were doing series for MCM might do 2-3-4 instalments & then vanish in the middle of some ongoing project; lack of payment.

    I fail to grasp the blind allegiance to & undying support of this con man. Heck, one of the incidents I covered was quoted directly from someone's FB interaction with him, regarding his stiffing a hobby shop, (which he didn't have the guts to respond to), if that's not telling enough of the type of person he is, I have no idea what can be. Though, having had interactions with you on another forum, I know just the type of games you like to play & things you enjoy stirring up, so I'm not surprised at what you've posted in this thread, sad to say.
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    interesting Current post on mc forum:

    so it takes the magazine two years not to give a contest coverage, and the forum contributor a week to.

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    I got the contest issue last week, making it 4 issues I've received since renewing my subscription in 2015. It will be interesting to see if it will take 5 years to get 5 more issues, since my subscription is through issue #211.
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    Sorry guys Ive had several complaints about this thread so its closed. Please keep the posts model related. Thanks

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