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    Hi Everyone,

    I am a scale model builder and with a manufacturing background.
    Currently I'm investigating the possibility of creating a new Model Kit to make available to the public.
    What I am wondering is whether the automotive modeling community would be interested in purchasing the kit if it were available.

    Scale is yet TBD but most likely 1:18 at the smallest with 1:6 being the largest.
    1:12 seems to be a popular scale but I'd appreciate your thoughts on the most desirable scale.

    The subject I'm considering is the BMW 507 most recently seen at Pebble Beach after its complete restoration by the BMW factory team.

    Thanks for your input!

    Possible new large scale kit - worthy model to create?-elvis-presley-bmw-507-pebble-beach-002-jpgPossible new large scale kit - worthy model to create?-elvis-presley-bmw-507-016b-jpg

    Attachment 31429 Possible new large scale kit - worthy model to create?-elvis-presley-bmw-507-050d1-jpg

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    My opinion, it is not interesting enough for me, but you never know but this could be, Just love these old cars
    Attached Images Attached Images Possible new large scale kit - worthy model to create?-48-chrysler-jpg 
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    Hello there! These are beautiful cars! And missed by the modelling industry, except for the 1/18th scale diecasts offered through the BMW stores about 20 years ago, and in 1/24th plastic model kit; by Revell Possible new large scale kit - worthy model to create? of Germany, also a few years ago. -Back in 1967, I believe, Manuel Olive Sans made one, completely from scratch of course, which was displayed aside the original at that years Pebble Beach Concours! (Then donated to the Henry Ford museum) I think that Wiking, the makers of 1/87 models, made 507s as well. They are beautiful cars, and are important to BMW, remember that these were made to compete with Mercedes 300sl's in the marketplace, and to change how people thought of the company that had just been selling Isettas. -Don

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