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User Uploads

The photo Upload section allows you to upload your photos through the web browser into the ScaleMotorcars Gallery database for displaying on the Internet.

How to:
The above example is the interface used for photo uploads. To upload a photo select the "Upload Photos" menu item in the upper right corner in the Gallery menu selections. Then use the drop-down menu to "choose a category" and select the category that the photo should be placed in. then assign the photo a title text and click the "Upload/Submit" button.

Photo Upload details:

  • Diskspace allowed on your account / Diskspace used on your account
    This option indicates how much allotted diskspace you have on the server and how much space you have remaining on your account. Once the diskspace is full you will no longer be able to upload new photos until you delete some of them. Administrators are allowed to vary the amount of diskspace available to a user.
  • Enter a title for your photo
    This allows you to enter a title that best identifies with the photo that you are uploading to the server.
  • Descriptive keywords
    This feature allows you to enter up to 10 keywords related to the photo that you are uploading. This will allow other users to more easily locate the photo that you are uploading.
  • Photo Description.
    Displays a text description below the photo that you have uploaded the photo is being displayed in the gallery.
  • Email notifications.
    Allows you to set an option if you want to receive email updates each time a user posts a comment in reply to the photo you are about to upload.

The Front Page

This is a basic overview of the front page functionality:

My Favorites

My favorites allows you to 'bookmark' certain photos that you would like to view at a later time. After you have saved certain photos you can then download all of your favorites to your harddrive in a zip file format.

How to:
To add a photo to your favorites click on the "add to favorites" link at the page of the photo that you would like to add to your favorites. After you have added a photo to your favorites list it can be viewed by clicking the "My favorites" link found at the upper left of any gallery page.

My Favorites Details:

  • Download
    The download button on the favorites page allows you to download all of the photos that are in your favorites folder. It will download the photos in zip file format to be saved on your local hardrive.
  • Remove
    The remove button allows you to delete a specifc photo from your favorites folder. This will only remove the photo from the favorites folder and not from the gallery it was taken from.


Scalemotorcars Gallery uses categories as a way to organize where photos are being stored. Along with top level categories there are also sub-categories inside of main categories.

How to:
To browse the categories in Scalemotorcars Gallery select a category from the main gallery screen. To browse sub-categories click on a main category and then select the sub-category.

Category Details:

This is an example of a sub-category. In this example I clicked on the "Members Galleries" link (As seen in the picture above.) and that brought me to a page which displayed the sub-category selection of "temp". This allows you to neatly organize your photos for being displayed in the gallery.


The Gallery allows you to post comments in regard to the photos that have been posted. For example, if a user has posted a picture in the gallery, you are allowed, along with the other gallery users on the site, to post a comment in regard to the picture that is being discussed. It works very much like a forum thread only for discussing the photos that have been posted.

How to:
The "Add your comments" box is found at the bottom of every photo page if you are logged in to photopost. If it is not being displayed that it is because you are not logged in or have not created an account. Once you are logged in to the gallery, enter your comment in the text field and click the "submit" button. You will then see the comment you entered displayed below the photo that you were posting your comment to. As seen in the example below:

Comments Details:

  • Edit comments
    To edit a comment after it has been posted click the " Edit" link and edit the text in the text field and then click the "Submit Edit" button to update the comment text.
  • Delete Comments
    To delete a comment after it has been posted click the " Edit" link then check the "Delete Post? Only check this box if you want to completely delete this post:" check box. After you do this, click the "Submit Edit" and your comment will be removed.
  • UBB Code and Smilies
    Below are examples of how to use the UBB code in your comments, as well as, create smiley faces.

Report Photo

The Report Photo feature allows you to report possibly improper photos that are being displayed on the website. Such as photos that are copyright protected or that have been placed in the wrong category or that are just inappropriate because of what they are displaying.

How to:
To report a photo click on the "Report Photo" link found on the Gallery menu bar. On the Gallery Reporting tool page select from the drop-down-menu the reason that you are reporting the photo and then in the "more information" field enter additional information regarding the report of this photo. As seen below:

After you finish click the "Report Photo" button and the report will be sent to a gallery administrator for review.

Receive Email Updates

The email update notification feature allows you to stay up-to-date on new user comments that have been posted. When you have the email update notification enabled you will receive an email update each time a new comment is posted regarding a particular photo.

How to:
To enable email updates click on the "Enable Email Updates" link found on the Gallery menu bar. To Disable Email Updates return at any time to the same page and click the "Disable Email Updates" link.

Edit Photo

The Edit Photo option allows you modify the settings for a particular photo. Much like the upload photo option, this allows you to edit information and change the current photo options, as well as, the photo itself.

How to:
To edit a photo, go to the photo page and click the "Edit Photo" link found on the far-right of the menu bar.

Edit Photo Details:

  • Thumbnail
    The thumbnail view allows you to see a small version of the photo being displayed. It also allows you to rotate the image in various direction and flip vertically or horizontally. You do this by clicking the links directly below the thumbnail

  • Browse and change photo
    This feature allows you to change the photo being displayed by uploading a new photo.
  • Edit gallery
    This allows you to change the location that the photo is currently being displayed in.
  • Edit Keywords
    Allows you to edit or add new keywords.
  • Photo Description
    Allows you to edit the current photo description.
  • Delete Photo
    By checking the box you can permatnely delete a photo. Once the box is checked and you click the "Submit changes" button the photo is gone, so be careful.

Once all edits have been made click the "Submit Changes" button to be redirected back to the photo page.


Keywords allow and easy way for users to locate your photos. By entering in descriptive keywords, users are able to more easily locate your photos through the gallery search engine.

How to:
Keywords are entered from the photo upload screen and can always be added later from the edit photo screen. You are allowed 10 keywords and you should separate each word with a space. Try to be as descriptive as possible when picking keywords and make sure that they appropriately describe the photo that you are uploading.

Moving Photos

This feature allows you to move photos from one gallery to another.

How to:
Simply click the "edit Photo" button on the photo that you would like to move and then select the select the category you would like to move the photo to. To complete the process click the "Submit Changes" button.


The PhotoPost Slide show allows you to take all the photos in the category you are browsing and rotates them at an interval that you can adjust depending on how much delay you would like between photos.

How to:
To create a slide-show click on the "slideshow" button in the top right corner on the photo page that you are viewing.

SlideShow Details:

On the slide show creation screen select the time duration that you would like to use for your slideshow, you can vary the time from 2 to 10 seconds. After you have selected the time then click the "Start Slideshow" button to begin viewing all the photos in the selected gallery.

EXIF Image Data

EXIF data is data about the image/camera that's stored in some jpegs by the digital camera itself. The gallery can extract that data and display it, such as time/date of the photo, camera type, lens, shutter speed, apeture setting, etc...

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