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      One day I saw a picture of this car, and that started a search that took 2 years and some 400 e-mails.

      This car is not well known and inspite of my research the true story has not been found. Some articles state that this is one of the 2 "IMSA" Ferrari F-40, that has been modified, but these 2 cars still exist today.
      My guess is that the chassis was completely custom build, and that only an original F-40 body and engine was used.
      The Barchetta was owned by the belgian racing driver Jean "Beurlys" Blaton, and it has been extensively modified. First the custom build chassis was installed, later it was rebuild as a barchetta (or spider). The engine work was done by Michelotto, the body work by Tony Gilette (who also builds the Gilette Vertigo).
      It received an F1-type suspension (horizontal springs, sort of the the type you find in the F-50 and Enzo). The entire exhaust system was altered, the exhaust pipes come out at both sides, just in front of the rear wheels.
      Specifications : electronic injection Weber-Marelli IAW, 2 turbos IHI with 2 Behr intercoolers, pressure 2,5 Bar, 760 BHP at 7800 RPM, gearbox Enforced Hewland 5 speed + reverse (Crabots), weight 800 kg, rims BBS E-19 style 3-piece magnesium centerlock racing with Goodyear tyres, topspeed 360 km/hr.

      These picture show the F1-type suspension :

      Some WIP Ferrari F-40 "Beurlys" barchetta, Pocher 1/8 pictures of the real car :

      Bron :

      A lot of work will be needed to make it look like the 1/1 car, and I hope that I will succeed in finishing it. (Sofar, it's been a real nightmare, with a lot of headaches )

      OK, here we go :

      First thing I did was cut the ducts out of the front bonnet, and put them in the "side walls", just in front of the rear wheels :

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    Even though there is not s specific category for 1/18th builds I would think they would still be welcomed here. I'd love to see your other work.

  2. JunkGTZ's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Any progress on your build of late? Saw this video about the history of the car in my Youtube feed and wondered how it is going. Hope all is well.


  3. Wet Sellery's Avatar Active Member
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    Hi mate. Thx for the video. I've added a comment because the story about the Barchetta is not correct.

    Sorry, this project is still on hold. But I've got a couple of my old updates to show :

    It's been way to long since I posted an update, so here we go :

    Are the parts (31 pieces !) are glued together : 

    More work on the radiator-box :

    Some modifications to fit the brass holder in the front lid (bonnet) :

    Yes ! It fits perfectly and the construction is strong enough to carry the weight of the zamac front lid :


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