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      Inspired by some nice work on this site and other places recently, I rescued a couple of long-forgotten very old, very sad Pocher kits from my mothers house.

      They were both built very badly by an incompetent idiot. I can say this with some cer*****y, as the builder was a younger version of me, to the tune of about 25 years.

      anyhow, the items in question are a mostly completed Mercedes 540 and the Ferrari F-40 engine I'm currently rambling on about.

      The Mercedes is parked for now.

      So to the F-40 motor.

      Having recently finished my MFH Brough Superior, I've been a bit spoiled regarding what a decent multimedia F-40 engine scratch build kit can look like in 2020. I also had a look at sourcing an autograph F-40 engine transkit with little success, plus I'm not really willing to pay the crazy money the last few in the world would command.

      So bearing those two things in mind, I set about the old motor, which looked a bit like this when I started


      Pretty grim.

      So having striped it down and removed all the paint and other goo, standby for some modelling heresy - Pocher models are a bit rubbish. OK, actually really rubbish IMHO. there, I said it.

      OK so I know I'm looking at this with through modern eyes, but I never understood what they were supposed to be even at the time - expensive, terrible fit, often inappropriate materials, screw together, easy assembly, not intended to be painted in some cases, so I don't believe they were ever actually aimed at modellers.

      I was planning on replacing some of the worst bits with various scratch-built and turned items. To cut a long story short, apart from maybe the gearbox, it's all the worst bits.

      So I rolled my sleeves up and got stuck in with something 'easy' to start with. I give you the Delco Remy 105A Alternator as fitted to the venerable Ferrari F40.

      So armed with my trusty PC, iPad pro, apple pencil, shapr3D, fusion 360, resin printer, mini lathe I set forth.

      So far so good. As steep learning curve involving resin printing supports then ensued.

      Some time later...

      Add primer ...

      And finally paint ...

      Compared to the Pocher part ...

      So although this is one small piece, it does prove my workflow which is now repeatable for the rest of it. I've learnt a load of new skills including CAD and how to get good results form my cheap little resin F-40 engine scratch build printer. Which BTW I'm absolutely delighted with (Elegoo Mars) if you want to google it.

      This is my new go-to modelling tool.

      Thanks for looking.


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