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      Hi everyone,

      I'm in the planning stages of a scratch built 1:8 scale Rolls-Royce FAB1 concept model 1:8 scale model of a new concept design of FAB 1 from Thunderbirds the TV show.

      I'm studying for an MA (master of arts) in Design - 3d innovation, and the main part of my studies is to explore how people value models that they might commission to be built. Value can take many forms, monetary, sentimental, historical amongst others. But what do people feel gives a model added value? Material choice? Methods used? Limited numbers? Historical provenance?

      In order to find out, I'm making a 1:8 scale model of a theoretical design for a new FAB 1, experimenting along the way with different materials and processes to hopefully find what people like and where, if anywhere, a line is drawn to say 'that's enough', be it due to time, money or client specification.

      I've started a Facebook group so you can follow progress there, and I'll try to post updates here too.

      If you'd also like to get involved and join a mailing list of model makers, retailers and collectors who I'm hoping can provide useful feedback along the way, please drop me a pm or let me know on the Facebook group.

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