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      Greetings Scale Modelers,

      I just joined the forum to get provide you with yet another Pocher Aventador build. I bought my son one for Christmas and he and I will be building it with a goal of completing it in 3 months reality adjusted to 6-8 months. That will allow for pre-painting the parts and some mods. Based on other posts we are not going to go to crazy and paint every little piece or replace all molded bolts with transkit parts (I have 3 Pocher Ferraris for that).

      I love carbon fiber. The amount of carbon Fibre in my life is limited by cost and what my wife will allow. EG carbon fiber lip spoiler for my car is fine...Carbon fiber bed is out of the question. Anyway this leads me to my first question. Where can we get the appropriate carbon fiber decals for this car? Places that carry and 1:8-1:12 decals are either out of them all the time or they look like they were printed in 1980s.

      I scaled and printed 2x2 carbon fiber on my laser jet to use as patterns. I actually clean coated one of the patterns and it looked pretty good. That said I would rather have decals made by someone that knows what they are doing.

      I hit my limit on pre-reg views but I will be reading the rest of the Aventador build posts this weekend. I will also post pictures as soon as I figure out why they won't upload from my phone.



      PS Yev Kassem is not my real name. My name is Pete...But; For the grand prize who can ID the real Yev Kassem? Think soup...
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    Enjoy building your Aventador! I added some carbon fiber details to the interior & exterior of my build using Carbon twill weave decal New to forum and the start of something news sheets from Scalemotorsport! They worked great and they look very realistic.
    I have included a link to page 2 of my build with photos of the carbon fiber parts and a link to scalemotorsport.
    Hope this info helps!

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