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      One of the kits I've been looking for for a long time is the 1/8 Porsceh 911 by either Eidai Grip or Entex.

      It all started with the pictures from a secondhand website, the add caught my attention and when I looked closer, I noticed one thing; If that yellow car is the 1/8 Jaguar E-Type from Monogram and the Stratos and BMW are the 1/12 Doyusha's, than the 911 in the upper left corner is 1/8 scale and since there are only 2 1/8 911's (Eidai/Entex and Pocher), it had to be the 911 RSR from Eidai.

      I offered a decent amount of money and went all in, and waited. The seller took the bait and I bought 3 boxes of cars and parts. To my luck, the 911 is mostly complete, not painted. But unfortunately a 'glue-bomb'. Fortunately the windows didn't suffer too much and seems to be restorable. One of the bigger parts that is missing, is the rear deack-lid.

      Today was a nice day to break the 911 down, I started with the chassis and tried to get every part dissassembled to overlook the project and see what would be needed to get the car back to a nice showmodel.

      I already decided not to restore it to original as a RSR Turbo, but will give the 911 a restomod look, as clean as possible, without the large rear-spoiler, but will keep some of the car's features.

      These are the pictures from the ad:

      The car in a very sorry state:

      And the breakdown begins

      The engine was not very complete, but the most important parts are there.

      For the new plans; the RSR windshield and humps had to go

      Fortunatelly there was a normal windscreen beneath it

      And some comparo's with a 1/12 Doyusha and a 1/24 Fujimi 1/8 Eidai/Grip Porsche 911 RSR Turbo Restomod . Even the 1/12 looks tiny, next to that 911.

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  1. mad mike's Avatar Active Member
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    Oct 2011

    congratulations on getting this big white whale. I got it cheap too, built the engine up and then sold it all again because I didn't want to invest the time for getting the rest of the car to the same level as the engine. But it's a really impressive model.

    Some pics of my engine, you should really move the injection to the correct place:
    1/8 Eidai/Grip Porsche 911 RSR Turbo Restomod-dsc_0014_kl-jpg
    1/8 Eidai/Grip Porsche 911 RSR Turbo Restomod-dsc_0015_kl-jpg

  2. sky's Avatar Active Member
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    Dec 2010
    Wow, nice one! For me it would have been the Batmobile (CSL), the Stratos and probably another T70. Looking at that CSL vs the T70... jikes, that prototype Lola is small compared to that Beemer and the 910 looks like it is in another scale :)

    Enjoy your build. Looking forward to see the Pork come to life (and live ;)) again

  3. The creative explorer's Avatar Established Member
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    Thanks, the BMW, Stratos, Lola and Porsche are all in the same scale, the Stratos is just tiny and the beamer is big.... But those 4 are 'easy' to find models, I already have 2 of the Stratos, so I sold those 4 and the Jaguar, to recoup some of the money that went into the buy. I basically got the Porsche now for less than free! Good deal I guess haha.
    It will be a while before I can start this project, but I can't wait though!

    Oh, and I got myself another very good deal; I got the Pocher Bugatti Surprofilé for 25 dollars....<---I'm a happy chappy!

    1/8 Eidai/Grip Porsche 911 RSR Turbo Restomod

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