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      After a couple of years seeing it on the storefront of my good friend Manolo from Juguetecas

      I finally decided to get it home

      First you notice is it's huge... and heavy. Also the big amount of pieces.

      I decided not to assembly straight and give it some paintwork. I took from here also the idea of putting some carpet. I saw it on hirohobby but 7, including delivery, for such a little piece were a bit expensive... So I search a bit more and found on Leroy Merlin a 45cm x 1,5m 8 roll of black adhesive flockade and now I have more carpet I need.

      I followed the manual so I began with interior

      Step 1:

      I used orange spray paint for lexan because is flexible like the seats, carpet for the floor and black matt paint for the rest

      Steps 2 and 3:

      Here you can see the difference between standar and painted parts. It worths investing time in assembling because the outcome

      The roof is also upholstered in its central part

      No pics for steps 4 and 5 so I go straight to step 6 where all interior parts get assembled

      To be continued...
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    You might search some of the other build threads on this car. I seem to remember a few folks having fit issues with some of the panels, particularly the rear. Having their experience to draw from might help save you a few headaches. Great job so far!

  2. Dr. Fiat's Avatar Member
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    Keep us updated as you go! I decided to build this monster after watching some of these incredible build blogs on this and other sites (Britmodeller is exceptional also, IMHO). I am collecting necessities as I can afford them- Paul Koo's DVD and decal set Lamborghini Aventador 1:8 Pocher , Tomasso Iuele's Transkit, tap set, fiber optic light kit, etc. The kit will likely be the last thing I purchase (Blue Roadster).

    Can anyone comment on the suspension articulation? Is it pretty smooth as is, or does it bind much? Also, are the wheels sloppy, or pretty stable when mounted? I ask about the suspension as I may add an extra bit of realism by making the transkit aluminum shocks into actual oil dampers.

    Thanks everyone!!


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