Pocher Rolls Royce Green Wheel Decals K72 K75 K83

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Uploaded by ScaleMotorcars - 05-27-14
Author Author ScaleMotorcars
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Fits all Pocher Rolls Royce kits.

Quick Instructions for Inkjet paper.
Print Resolution = Best, Paper = Photo or Text, Print (make sure you are printing at 600dpi or the image will be the wrong size).
Coat = Spray with an Aerosol to seal the ink (Krylon Gloss Enamel works well) - coat lightly until the sheet and decal have a shine. Allow your decal dry fully.
Cut = Cut your decal to size.
Wet = Soak you decal in warm water for about 30 seconds and loosen the backing.
Apply = The water slip adhesive side of you decal to your clean surface.


  • Pocher Rolls Royce Green Wheel Decals K72 K75 K83

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