Diorama Subassemblies
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Diorama Subassemblies Diorama Subassemblies Diorama Subassemblies Diorama Subassemblies Diorama Subassemblies
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      Each diorama has a number of subassemblies that are often really nice models in their own right and I believe they deserve to be presented as such, in a more formal way.My philosophy has always been to put my best effort into anything that I happen to be building at the time and when it is finally assembled it will be something that I can be proud of displaying. In many instances however a lot of nice stuff gets lost in a big diorama and in some cases due to lighting conditions or obstructions will never be seen again.
      Normally I just take some under construction pics and just let it go at that without really taking any formal pics of each subassembly.There are a number of ways this could be accomplished,on a formal base as you would present the final diorama itself,as a table top vignette or even in a framed pic that you create yourself using photoshop.
      The latter two methods I have already made use of over the years but the desktop base idea also sounds interesting.Here are some ideas that I am working with...
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