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      I know this isn't a large scale airplane, but it will be very detailed in every way I can think of. I've ordered Eduards Photo Etch Kits, True Details Resin B-17 Flying Fortress parts, Squadron B-17 Flying Fortress Canopies, and as you can see by the pictures below, scratch building a lot of components. All flight surfaces will move as well.

      Picture 1 - Tail Wheel Assembly before soldering together
      Picture 2 - Tail Wheel Assembly soldered up and in place. The jack screw support was too big so I made another one.
      Picture 3 - Tail Bulkheads, Tail Wheel Housing ready for paint. I'll make the canvas after the housing is installed
      Picture 4 - Elevator hinge components
      Picture 5 - Elevator attached to the Horizintal Stab with a hinge pin
      Picture 6 - Elevators in the down position
      Picture 7 - Elevators in the up position

      Thanks to xken for teaching me the art of soldering and working with brass

      If anyone has access to B-17 blue prints / drawings, please e-mail me. I would like to borrow them during htis build. Thanks

      Build Photos

      B-17 Flying Fortress-474-jpg  B-17 Flying Fortress-090305-tail-wheel-002-jpg  B-17 Flying Fortress-090305-tail-wheel-005-jpg  B-17 Flying Fortress-090312-tail-bulk-heads-001-jpg  B-17 Flying Fortress-090312-elevators-003-jpg  B-17 Flying Fortress-090312-elevators-004-jpg  B-17 Flying Fortress-090312-elevators-011-jpg  B-17 Flying Fortress-090312-elevators-012-jpg 

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  1. hot ford coupe's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Way to go, Rob !!! You definitely deserved that award. Major congrats to you and thanks for the complete build documentation. It's helped me a great deal.
    Sometimes a handful of patience is worth more than a truck load of brains. Have the courage to trust your own beliefs. Don't be swayed by those with louder voices. W.S. Maugham :)
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  2. Tage's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    Congratz Rob,
    You sure worked for this award...
    Duke of Burl
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  3. pefado's Avatar Member
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    Felicitaciones por ese proyecto.

    En la actualidad me encuentro en desarrollo del mismo, solo que sobre un kit de Monogram, por lo que pido, si es posible, mayor información sobre la fabricación y montaje de los sistemas electronicos.

    Muchas gracias,

    y saludos desde Bogotá, Colombia
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  4. JohnReid's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
    John Reid
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lancair IV View Post
    For Large Pictures see:

    My 1:16th dioramas are now on permanent display at the Canada Aviaion and Space Museum,in Ottawa,Canada.The apprailals for the museum were done by Shep Paine who valued them at between $15,000 and $25,000 (US) each.
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