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      Hello guys, I'm not building an airplane but I am building an engine from one. I've been interested in radial engines for a while now and have been enjoying all the Sopwith Camel builds on here. After a long time hesitating, I finally gave in and bought the Clerget 9B 1/8th scale engine kit from Hasagawa, the one that comes with the Sopwith Camel kit.

      There's not a lot of parts in the kit and all are very well molded with almost no flashing, in particular the cooling fins on all the cylinder halves are perfect and I didn't have to do any cleaning up at all (except for the sprue Clerget 9B Rotary Engine. 1/8th. Hasagawa. attachments), just glue them together.

      Being a very basic engine, it doesn't require heaps of super detailing as with modern car and bike engines, but there is the opportunity to add extra detail by using real nuts and bolts (and this one is really going to clean out my stocks), and some hand made valve springs.

      Build Photos

      Clerget 9B Rotary Engine. 1/8th. Hasagawa.-box-001-jpg  Clerget 9B Rotary Engine. 1/8th. Hasagawa.-002-jpg  Clerget 9B Rotary Engine. 1/8th. Hasagawa.-003-jpg  Clerget 9B Rotary Engine. 1/8th. Hasagawa.-009-jpg  Clerget 9B Rotary Engine. 1/8th. Hasagawa.-010-jpg 

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    Quote Originally Posted by modelmaker View Post
    Beautiiful Work Dave and a well deserved gold win at the QMHE. I've been following this build over on LSP you had a great following over there.

    Thankyou Sean. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't have it completely finished in time for the show, but it seems that had no affect on the outcome. I only put it in the show for fun, so the win was a big surprise.
    I'm guessing alot of the guys over at LSP may not visit us here, so I thought I'd go over there and give them a look. Boy oh boy, there's some detail freaks over there too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ipcress View Post
    Gorgeous build- congratulations. I'll be looking closely at what you've done when I'm making mine!

    Thankyou Tony. Feel free to copy what ever you want, and if I can help with anything at all, don't hesitate to ask or send PM. I'm still trying to find the matching Le Rohne engine to put on the base with this one, but no luck at all yet

  3. Dr Dave's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dougritt View Post
    Congratulations Dave on a spectacular display model. The paintwork is first class!
    Thanks for sharing the play-by-play.

    Thankyou Doug. I enjoy sharing and helping where and when I can. The shinny paint is easy, but now I've set myself the [B]big[/B] challenge of a heavily weathered cattle truck in an outback dio.

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