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    Sorry if this isnt the right place for this but with the work shown in the other posts here i thought this was where to ask.
    Right, what sort of size can you guys do with the 3D printers available to you? I`m a member of a 1/4 scale forum and theres a demand (small granted) for 1/4 scale body shells, would you be able to produce something this size?
    How clean is the surface of the printed objects if you worked in this scale?
    What sort of temperature range is safe for the plastics involved? Would they be safe as a Vacuum form plug?
    I was thinking with the talent shown here it may be another market option for you guys, some of the guys doing the 1/4 scale are into some serious work.
    Heres a link to show what i mean, i dont know how much you`ll be able to see without joining but its worth a look
    Cheers guys

  2. Don Garrett's Avatar Asst. Administrator
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    Troppo, interesting questions.
    However, 1/4 scale is too large for our working window. Even large 1/8th bodies have to be done in sections, assembled and finished into a master that can be cast in resin A Couple of Questions or fiberglass.

    As far as the surface texture goes it remains constant, in others words it is the same on 1/12th or 1/4 scale. It doesn't get larger or more pronounced on a larger piece, it's just much more difficult to deal with as the scale gets smaller.

    A 1/4 scale engine could be done, as it is comprised of smaller parts and would fit within our working area.

    Assuming you are talking about going right from a sanded RP A Couple of Questions shell to the vacuum would be crushed unless it had been filled with a suitable material.
    To do a solid plug on the machine would require winning the the volume of the material used goes up......the price goes right through the roof.

    We pretty much have to limit ourselves to 1/12th - 1/8th bodies and some 1/6th scale stuff. Perhaps one day things will change but for now the only way TDR A Couple of Questions could do a 1/4 scale body plug would be to fall back on the old timers that create them from scratch.
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    Thanks for the answers mate.
    I have an idea and need to ask questions, some are winners some are losers.
    I thought this may be a way to make less expensive 1/4 scale parts but isuppose if it was the case someone would have thought of it already.
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    At 1/4 scale, you would probably be better off having the body machined out of renshape, or another suitable material. At that size, like Don said, RP A Couple of Questions is in the stratosphere costwise.
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    Hey Troppo Check eBay for 1/4 scale bodies. There's as guy I once new in CA doing some great work in that scale. He sells out at the Pomona Car Show every month or at least he did.

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