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    Hi Pouln,

    Unfortunately I have not touched it since about mid February. I was trying to figure out routing of the oil lines into the crank case and just kept running into clearance issues. I must have something fundamentally wrong I think, and I just ran out of ideas. I am stuck thinking that I have the crank case thinner Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 engine model , or I the problem is my guesswork on the routing/machining done on the case. If the case is wrong, lots of other things are wrong.

    Personally, one of my biggest problems is asking for help, and it has left this project in limbo. I have thought about just winging it to finish it, but feel like that is the easy way out. I will do a search every now and then hoping to find some new pictures or small bit of of information, but either my google-fu is weak or this 90 year old engine is still a mystery. I do hope to travel and see one in person at some point, which would be an incredible help in finishing it, but there are none that I know of close to me.

    I will PM you my email address.

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    Pity to hear that, Tom.
    I have sent you an email.

    Btw: your link to pictures: does not seem to work anymore. Gives a 404 (URL not found) message.
    Is everything removed?
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