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      I was thinking for a while about it, but when I had the oppertunity again in my hew house to model, I want to work on the Heller 1/16 Citroen DS, Why? Because it is by far the most terrible kit I own. It had breakage, warpage and misfits all over the place. And if I finish this one, it can only get better with my kits haha. I think I was either very stupid or very brave to start this one, time will tell I guess. That and I wanted a real challenge.

      The BoxArt is actually quite nice, too bad they opted for a big, weak box in where the car does get flattened and broken.

      The beginning of the misery; here you can see the warpage, breakage and squished car.

      The kit is so bad, that basically every part needs bondo

      The radiator didnt convince, so I cut out the middle part and replaced it with mesh.


      The valve-cover

      The engine after a few changes

      The engine after a first coat of paint, it is hard to find good reference material for the paintcolors, but I think this green will come close.

      And a usual for me; the v-belt just isn't realistic, so I separate the wheels and make my own belt

      Some new parts on the engine

      And little by little I make progress on the body, but since it is o so delicate, I have to walk on eggshels.

      And some more bondo :(

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    Nothing like a bad kit to improve your skills. From the looks of it you'll be a master modeler when this one is done
    This don't look like no expressway to me! - Jake Blues

  2. keramh's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    nicely you devote yourself to "the goddess",
    such a nice vehicle has earned it, even if the kit is so bad.
    I will pursue your report.

    It is not really to be found slightly useful pictures by the engine.

    Here is a link about the restoration of a DS.
    Citroen Restoration - Citroen DS Restoration

    If the kit is so bad and tunes nothing, you can venture immediately on a rebuilding.

    the modelkit databank for the scale 1/16

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