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      I'm starting to assemble for a client, a Protar kit scaled 1/12 of the famous Fiat Corsa 806.

      This particular car was made by Fiat for the 1927 French Grand prix...after winning that race by far, Fiat guys took the car to the factory and destroyed it completely...???

      I'm greatly surprised by the quality of the kit...more than 400 parts of which 90% are metal...almost everything is assembled with very tiny screws and glue used very sparingly...

      The hardest work is cleaning those metal parts, they come with LOTS of flashes...(this is part of the joy...)

      First pic shows the real car...

      Following pics show part of the frame being mocked up and cleaned....

      More details following soon....


      Protar 1/12 scale Fiat 806

      Build Photos

      Protar 1/12 scale Fiat 806-2rzq72r-jpg  Protar 1/12 scale Fiat 806-dscf3729-jpg  Protar 1/12 scale Fiat 806-dscf3730-jpg  Protar 1/12 scale Fiat 806-p4120091-jpg  Protar 1/12 scale Fiat 806-p4120099-jpg  Protar 1/12 scale Fiat 806-p4120113-jpg 

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    Dear Klaus , not a single part of this kit is correct and thatīs no exaggeration ! Please have a look at our " Fiat 806 research and scratchbuilds " thread at britmodellerīs ! Nick D. made a computer model which is close to reality . The second drawing we know is a never built successor version but itīs much closer to reality than the plans we can see in the instruction booklet . I like to continue with this discussion but please look at our research first ! Viele Grüsse ! Hannes
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  2. Hannes's Avatar Member
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    If someone is interested in the topic " Fiat 806 " regarding itīs historical and technical aspects , please donīt hesitate to ask ! One thing is for sure : The old Protar and the new edited Italeri kit donīt represent the real car . Because this racer is the progenitor of the modern generation of racing cars a realistic reconstruction is worth the effort imho . Hannes

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