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      For the last year or so I've been working on a 1/12 scale Tucker 48. I have been collecting information and taking pictures of Tuckers for years and was hoping one of the model manufacturers would make a kit. The Modelhaus has a curbside resin Scratchbuilt Tucker 48 in 1/12 scale kit but I wanted to build something with significantly more details. Here's a picture of an actual Tucker, courtesy of Wikipedia:

      This is my first scratchbuilt model although I have been making scratchbuilt detail parts for my models for years. Much of my time has been spent making drawings of the parts/assemblies and I'm not finished with that stage yet. I was anxious to build something so I started making parts as the drawings were completed. I am currently working on the chassis/suspension but have finished the wheels, tires and engine. I suspect I have another year of work

      I'm working on building a "production vehicle" rather than fully copying one of the 51 prototypes so I can use a little "artistic license" when I can't get perfect data on some details. In taking pictures of various Tuckers and searching the web I have found that no two of them are exactly alike.
      I owe a debt of gratitude to Dick's Classic Garage, the owners of Tucker 51, for their kindness in allowing me to take many pictures of their Tucker on display. I couldn't have gotten this far without those pictures.
      The wheels are two parts made from PVC plumbing Scratchbuilt Tucker 48 in 1/12 scale plugs because I found the dimensions to be almost perfect. I turned five copies on my 7x10 lathe.
      This is my tire master turned on my lathe. I used the same techniques to make the master as I've read others using in the forum except I used Ultralight Sculpey Polymer Clay as the material. This is a picture of the master after I added my homemade photoetched Scratchbuilt Tucker 48 in 1/12 scale letters for the sidewalls. The tires are somewhat generic and are not perfect matches for Firestone tires. From this I made a silicone mold and cast a copy that I then cleaned up, particularly on the letters and edge of the tread. From that I made a second silicone mold and cast five tires.
      Here are two of the tires with the wheels assembled and hubcaps in place. I made the hubcaps by turning a die on my lathe from another PVC plumbing Scratchbuilt Tucker 48 in 1/12 scale plug and used a vice and sheet rubber to stamp the caps from thin aluminum. I have made decals for the center crests but they haven't been added yet.

      The drivetrain was a lot of fun but also very challenging. The basic block of the engine and transmission are Sculpey Polymer clay that I baked and then machined on my Proxxon Mill. The heads, manifolds, etc. are all separate pieces. The pulleys and accessories are turned from aluminum, brass and plastic or hand carved. The 'Tucker' letters on the intake manifold were cut from thick cardstock, a mold made from silicone and then cast in Ultralight Sculpey and glued to the manifolds. This looked more realistic than my first attempt at using photoetched Scratchbuilt Tucker 48 in 1/12 scale parts. Here are several views of the drivetrain. Note that no purchased parts were used on this model to date other than raw materials such as plastic tubing, wire, sheet metal, metal rods, etc.

      Hope you enjoy seeing my progress as much as I've enjoyed the progress of other models on the forum. This is a really great community and I've learned a lot from reading the posts.

      Scratchbuilt Tucker 48 in 1/12 scale
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    Hello there!

    Many years ago a friend of mine had just started in the movie business, taking whatever job he could get. -He did get to work on TUCKER, the movie that is, and told me of the models that they had made. One in particular was for? was it Copola or Speilberg? -anyway he said that someone had created a clay model first, and then a fiberglass model. It was the best that this guy had ever seen.

    Hoping to see more of yours! Very impressed so far!

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    I have been away for a long time due to moving, retiring and several other reasons. Because of that I had to shelve my work on the Tucker until now. Working on it again and look forward to posting some progress pics soon,

    Scratchbuilt Tucker 48 in 1/12 scale

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    Scratchbuilt Tucker 48 in 1/12 scale
    Here is a picture of my 3D printer making the hood. It only takes approximately 14 HOURS to print it :) Then I get to sand Scratchbuilt Tucker 48 in 1/12 scale it, etc.

    MichaelScratchbuilt Tucker 48 in 1/12 scale-printing-hood-jpg

    Scratchbuilt Tucker 48 in 1/12 scale

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