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    1. Kit: Monogram/Pocher/Protar, by (Administrator) ScaleMotorcars is offline
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      Not Supported Box Stock Kit Bashed Includes Transkit
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      Basically this thread will display all new build options when starting your next project. Its all fairly self explanatory but lets cover the basic How To's.

      #1 Include a detailed title with important build information. For example, model, scale, version....
      #2 Next add your intentions for the build. I.E. Plans to build it stock, or use a transkit and so on....
      Dont worry about kit details you can fill those out on the following page. More on that below.
      #3 Very Important.... Include a photo attachment of the kit your building. If its a scratch build Creating a new Build Thread with all options... please include a photo of the subject vehicle.
      #4 Before clicking Submit New Thread, please review the Additional Options section and make your prefered selections.
      #5 The following page will include all the build details you see at the top of this post. For example, Scale, Supported, Box Stock Creating a new Build Thread with all options... , Scratch Build Creating a new Build Thread with all options... ..... Please select all that you feel apply. You can update this list by clicking Edit Settings at any time during the build. Once your done simply click submit and your ready to start your thread.

      After your build starts.

      #1 The Model Of the Month MOTM feature is now fully automatic (thank God) and you can simply nominate a build by clicking the Nominate for MOTM link inside the first post on each page. You can also Un-Nominate a build if you chose.
      #2 Members can now Thank a builder for their efforts and the total is displayed once again at the top of the first post on each page. And yes you can even take your Thanks back if you want.

      Everything else is very straight forward and just like it was before the updates. If you want to nitpick please send me a Private Message. If you have feature requests please feel free to post them below.

      Build Photos

      Creating a new Build Thread with all options...-thenewforum-png 

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  1. Jens Andersen's Avatar Active Member
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    Jan 2018
    Please feel free to follow my scratchbuilding of a Alfa Romeo Monza on Facebook.
    Jens Andersen. Modelbuilder

  2. Bugatti Fan's Avatar Established Member
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    Oct 2011
    Jens, not all of us use Facebook.
    Perhaps your Alfa build might be better shared on here.


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