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      I'm told that one of the issues of the 1/12 Cord has chrome inserts for the coffin nose trim, and the other doesn't. Is it the yellow or the burgundy?

      If you've built this kit, is it possible to take the sportsman 2-seater and turn it into a 4-seater phaeton? (In real life, the phaeton is 7" longer). I want to build the Tom Mix phaeton, available in 1/24 by Monogram.
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    I have just purchased a book, "The Complete Cord 810 812" by "Josh B Malks" this man is the Guru of Cord literature, and was also President of the Auburn Cord Duesenberg club for some number of years, this book has the History of just about anything Cord, and the only Long wheelbase vehicles built, were all sedans, the Phaetons were built on a 125 inch wheel base, same as AMT 1/12 Cord information ' 1/12 Sportsman kit.
    The difference appears to be, that the Sportsman, has the rear seating area filled in with a metal top, which the convertible roof is hidden under(I do believe that the spare wheel went behind the seats) and on the Phaeton the rear seat area is open, and contains a seat for two people, and the spare wheel was in the Boot, Trunk, which ever description you prefer.
    Tom Mix, died in his Phaeton, after rolling it over, the story is, that he was hit in the back of the head, by a rather heavy metal trunk that he carried around on his backseat.
    I have loved these cars for a very long time, have seen a real one(the same vehicle)twice, here in Australia, these cars are rather rare.
    Hope this helps.

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    For more information about the 1936 Cord 810 Westchester 4-Door Sedan just visit at Mclellans Automotive for catalog and other literature.

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