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Thread: Pocher K94

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      Anyone know if the K94 is a rare kit? I recently got one and was worried because it has the ugly plasitc wheels. I then read Paul Koo's DVD and it said that there were very little of these kits made. Any history? Much thanks, as always
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    Hello chevyrsss,

    compared to the number of K 74, K91 and even the K 82 and K 85 (so the ranking of the most produced and sold Pocher Mercedes kits)your kit, together with its K93 brother, is a lot harder to find and get. Only K 80 is scarcer. It's right, that the plastic wheels are the least loved amongst the fans, but K 94 got them chrome plated Pocher K94 , which makes them look a mile more better than K 91 color molded ones. If you're spending your "chrome wires" a little wash with thinned dark paint and add scratchbuild wheel-balancers and air valves(as well available at Home Page for lots of cash ) they will beat up poor assembled steel wires for sure.
    Pocher decided to give up the steel wires, because there were lots of complaints by modelers
    and the dealership. Most of the average customers weren't capable to get the wheels fixed. And the fact, that Pocher had a very casual attitude, concerning the delivery of kits without missing parts did not make the situation easier. On the other hand, the farewell to the individually spoked wheels meant to save production costs. Years before they had a similar problem with K 74 and it's rag top, so the K 82 was born.

    Cheers and Happy Christmas


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    I guess I did ok when I got it. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    Pocher K94

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