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      Okay, to start this thread I need to ask a couple of questions, anybody with knowledge please feel free to chime in!

      1. Is there supposed to be an interior kit with this kit? There are molded seats but no cloth or leather that I can find.

      2. How many sprues of plastic parts are in this kit?

      3. If this is a complete kit, how much would it actually be worth?

      I have a brand new factory sealed K91 that I inheritted and a neighbor just let me in on the fact that he has an open one in his closet. I really don't want to open mine just to find out if his is complete so I would appreciate any help I can get!

      Thanks in advance guys!
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    Hello David,

    can answer your questions only partially. First, the K 91 True Roadster got only the molded seats, without the artificial leather and spring built-up provided in other Pocher Mercedes.
    Got an inventory list for ya.K91 PARTS INVENTORY LIST.doc
    What's it worth? Collectors rate it a little lower than K 74 or K 82, because of the plastic wheels and simplified engine mechanic parts.
    But though the True Roadster is getting scarcer and scarcer. Got a link how the toy-like seats can be improved:

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    You can get a lot of information and spare parts and upgrades at this link:

    Model Motorcars; high quality after maket accessories for Pocher kits, Books, Tools and CDs

    They have the leather and a tutorial on applying it.
    Plus, you can download the instruction manual there (free). That should give you an indication if the parts are all there.


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