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      Hey there, I'm restoring an old Pocher Alfa Romeo Monza. I bought this Alfa Romeo over 30 years ago with my paper route money. Back then I paid right around $200 give or take and it took a LOT of papers to pay for it. And it was worth every penny. I did a pretty good job of building it and somehow I managed to get the hood to line up without moving the engine back 10 mm. Or maybe I did move the engine back. I still can't believe that I did it without the internet.

      Of course sitting there on the shelf, I'd go by it and admire it everyday but eventually, all the little things that I didn't do or paint started to poke me in the eye. So one day, about 20 plus years ago, I took the car apart. Got distracted by a girl, so I boxed up the parts and stuck it in my closet.

      The box banged around from closet to storage shed to closet to storage shed. I acquired an old vintage motorcycle and boxes of parts for it and the old beat up and battered box got displaced from the storage shed and ended up in my living room. I kept tripping over the darn box for about a month or so finally last weekend, I opened the box, and all the parts saw daylight for the first time in over 20+ years. Then I got the bug to restore the old Pocher. Luckily for me, I sealed the box really really well and all of the little tiny parts that were rolling around on the bottom of the battered box were still there. Even the extra little spoke nipples. Whew!!

      I got some Easy Off no fumo oven cleaner and coated the painted parts and sealed them in tupperware. While the parts were soaking. I then got on the internet. OMG, there is a ton of information on the internet for Pochers and I didn't even know that there was an aftermarket of stuff available for Pochers. The really CRAZY thing is that model Pocher parts cost MORE than my vintage motorcycle parts!!0) I eventually ended up here and found a ton of information here. Mario's Alfa is mind blowing and I got distracted for about 6 hours by Ken's brass Model T. I gotta just focus on the Alfa. The parts came out of the Easy Off and cleaned up pretty good. So I'm ready to start restoring the old Alfa. Here is a quick mock up of the parts I found in the box.

      Pocher Alfa Romeo Restoration
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    This is what I've working on this weekend. The acrylic Pocher Alfa Romeo Restoration plastic and the premade molding came from Home Depot. I'll peel the protective plastic off when I'm done.

    Pocher Alfa Romeo Restoration

  2. Buildlarge's Avatar Established Member
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    Impressive, very impressive. Every time I return, you are moving closer to having this puppy done. I really like the display case. Looking forward to more.T:u*****

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    I can't wait for the unveiling.
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