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      First part to be intervened is the engine's upper block.

      This part has been thoroughly sanded to eliminate all the mold marks.
      Putty Pocher Rolls K 72 Build 1-B has been applied to all dimples and sanded properly.

      The engine mounting nuts have been CA'd in place and the retaining bases have been glued and reinforced with M2 Allen bolts (Cap head)
      These bases were also drilled to allow for the screwing of other parts from the interior later...

      New holes necessary for other scratchbuilt parts were drilled and tapped...

      Strips of 0.8 mm styrene Pocher Rolls K 72 Build 1-B strips were glued to the bases to give the correct width for the engine's mounting hardware. Every edge was duly chamfered at the known 45.

      The upper bearig blocks were aligned, milled and pressed in place for the correct resting of the crankshaft.

      These were numbered as was the block for future reference during the definitive assembly.

      Last operation in this part will be the drilling & elimination of the plastic bolts to be replaced by scale hardware...and of course, priming & painting...

      Two weeks work in part N 1 alone!

      Sheer lunacy? got it!!


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      Pocher Rolls K 72 Build 1-B-pc210060-jpg  Pocher Rolls K 72 Build 1-B-pc210061-jpg  Pocher Rolls K 72 Build 1-B-pc210062-jpg  Pocher Rolls K 72 Build 1-B-pc210063-jpg  Pocher Rolls K 72 Build 1-B-pc210064-jpg  Pocher Rolls K 72 Build 1-B-pc210065-jpg  Pocher Rolls K 72 Build 1-B-pc210066-jpg  Pocher Rolls K 72 Build 1-B-pc210068-jpg  Pocher Rolls K 72 Build 1-B-pc210069-jpg 

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