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      Some delightful details have been made...the whole scratchbuilt scale hardware for the transmission box...the finished valve cover, painted, hardwared, and the addition of a sealing gasket (You don't want this beautiful engine leaking oil, don't you?)....

      Note the head bolted to the block, and the rectified surfaces...

      In the transmission, note the Allen bolts turned specially to hold the transmission halves together, which in turn allowed the sanding Alfa 8C-2300 Build 1 - E of the halves to the "one piece look"...the plaque with "A.R." engraved in bas-relief, the metallic Alfa 8C-2300 Build 1 - E upper cover which was milled to receive the holding scale hardware...the shift lever gate scratchbuilt from brass sheet and fixed with brass micro-rivets...

      All in all, I'm happy with the results so far....and the ball I'm having...well.........


      Build Photos

      Alfa 8C-2300 Build 1 - E-p6290004-jpg  Alfa 8C-2300 Build 1 - E-p6290005-jpg  Alfa 8C-2300 Build 1 - E-p6290003-jpg  Alfa 8C-2300 Build 1 - E-p6290006-jpg  Alfa 8C-2300 Build 1 - E-p6290021-jpg  Alfa 8C-2300 Build 1 - E-p6290022-jpg  Alfa 8C-2300 Build 1 - E-p6290023-jpg  Alfa 8C-2300 Build 1 - E-p6290009-jpg  Alfa 8C-2300 Build 1 - E-p6290011-jpg  Alfa 8C-2300 Build 1 - E-p6290013-jpg  Alfa 8C-2300 Build 1 - E-p6290014-jpg  Alfa 8C-2300 Build 1 - E-p6290015-jpg  Alfa 8C-2300 Build 1 - E-p6290016-jpg  Alfa 8C-2300 Build 1 - E-p6290017-jpg  Alfa 8C-2300 Build 1 - E-p6290018-jpg  Alfa 8C-2300 Build 1 - E-p6290019-jpg  Alfa 8C-2300 Build 1 - E-p6290020-jpg 

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    I saw this post yesterday and I couldn't type in my response because my fingers wouldn't work. I was speechless. This work is absolutely first rate. I can't wait to see this one fully constructed. Mario, when you seem to outdo yourself, you go ahead and outdo yourself again. Sterling work.
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