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Thread: Check it out!

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      More new stuff and this was done in weeks...not months....wanna hear more about this process for making masters? Tim brought it to my attention.....
      How many of you guys bought one of those 1/6th belly button metal engines? Nice display models but they really need a trans right? Ponder this 1/6th scale Muncie for a bit and I will give you more details's a few pics of the prototype used as a test. The surface has to be sanded a bit if we cast 'em but check out the built in detail, see how many you can spot.

      Check it out!

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      Check it out!-trans-036-jpg  Check it out!-trans-037-jpg  Check it out!-trans-038-jpg  Check it out!-trans-039-jpg  Check it out!-trans-040-jpg  Check it out!-trans-041-jpg  Check it out!-trans-042-jpg  Check it out!-trans-043-jpg  Check it out!-trans-044-jpg  Check it out!-trans-047-jpg 

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  1. ScaleMotorcars's Avatar Administrator
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    Aug 2005
    If someone can come up with a brass one I can cast them in metal for everyone. Personally don't have the time. Ive got an Allison to wrap up.

    Oh ya my vote, Hurst over GM

  2. Don Garrett's Avatar Asst. Administrator
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    Sep 2005
    I think Tim may be able to post a pic of the linkage that was on the computer model?
    So if one of you metal masters wants to give it a Dan or me and we'll see if we can get a trans in your hands to fit it to. Hurst or similar please....the ones with the beefy flat shifter's easy enough for beginning builders to bend a rod and stick a knob or skull on top, the clutch throw out fork, arm, lever (whatever you guys want to call it) should be easy enough to fabricate for some but that would be up to whoever wants to give it a try.

    Check it out!
    Grandpa McGurk.....Steppin' Large and Livin' easy.

  3. Daytonatim's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Feb 2008
    Well, I just noticed that the Muncie is up for sale on SMC......

    Not bad.....

    From ART to PART in a little over a month.......and that included 4 trips via USPS.....

    Not bad at all.......

    I Don't even think the big boys like Revell Check it out! -Monogram or Tamiya Check it out! could do that!!!!!

    Congratts to everyone
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    Beware the lollipop of mediocrity, lick it once and you will suck forever.....!!!

  4. Don Garrett's Avatar Asst. Administrator
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    Sep 2005

    Watch for a peek at the new Offy engine prototype soon gang.

    Dan is still doing finish work on the Big Al but it's coming along and the 426 details are being worked out now.

    We'd appreciate it if you members that purchase a Muncie would give us your impression of the finished kit. That input helps us produce even better parts and kits.

    Check it out!
    Grandpa McGurk.....Steppin' Large and Livin' easy.

  5. whodaky's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Apr 2007
    Hey Guys;
    I purchased 2 of the Muncies. Very impressive resin Check it out! casting Check it out! . As has been said with a shifter and linkages it will be even better.
    I haven't had time to do anything with them yet, been working on some 1/6th wheels and tyres for my '36 coupe. May post some teaser shots on the weekend if i get the chance and will eventually do tech on what I used and how I did them!
    Geoff aka whodaky

  6. Deuces-wild's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Dec 2005
    Sounds great Geoff. I wonder if they're still available for 20 bucks... I'm gonna need one for the '41 Willys project.
    Be nice or else ~1~**

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