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      Hello Everyone,
      new guy here, Chris from Germany. First a little bit about myself; I am 50 years old, work as a freelancing architect, I'm married and have a daughter who's now 12 years old. I've been building models all my life, and in the last 20 or so years I focused mainly on RC scale airplanes. I tried my hands on a Pocher Mercedes when I was a teenager but failed miserably, so this here is my second attempt (actually it's my third - but more on that later). I have been looking for something other than RC airplanes for a while and started looking around on ebay for a Pocher project to try out without spending an enormous amount on a mint kit, that I'd would probably ruin in the process.
      So here it is: I was able to purchase a started Mercedes for a reasonable price a few months ago, that was in desparate need of some TLC, which looked like the right project for me.

      Build Photos

      Article: Pocher K74 Mercedes Benz Spezial Cabrio A rebuild-3-2-1-meins-04-jpg  Article: Pocher K74 Mercedes Benz Spezial Cabrio A rebuild-3-2-1-meins-05-jpg  Article: Pocher K74 Mercedes Benz Spezial Cabrio A rebuild-3-2-1-meins-01-jpg  Article: Pocher K74 Mercedes Benz Spezial Cabrio A rebuild-3-2-1-meins-02-jpg  Article: Pocher K74 Mercedes Benz Spezial Cabrio A rebuild-3-2-1-meins-03-jpg 

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  1. sjordan's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    You might be interested in this article on a 1936 540K Special Roadster, coming up for auction at Pebble Beach August 18-19. Expected to fetch the highest price of any Mercedes ever sold at auction, somewhere around $13 million.

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  2. TrucknSean's Avatar Member
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    I am trying to find exact plans on the type 57 bugatti Ralph lauren that rich guy is selling models on it the money I do not have so I sent him an email and received zip/zero for my effort next I contacted the bugatti club same story zip my model would be large scale to bring out endless detail probably 1/5 scale it would be mostly of brass when ever possible much like the lite blue model lauren is selling but I cannot build it with out these plans the plans must show every nut and bolt in vast detail can anyone help me out?? sean yellow horse email
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  3. Tminiot's Avatar Member
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    Hello to everyone on the website!!!
    I'm new and owner of a k74 mercedes pocher.
    Thanks a lot for all the good pics and idears written on !!
    If you have a pocher car waiting for you to be built don't hesitate just do it !!
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  4. rcisneros's Avatar Member
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    wonderful work, stunning, a new way to do things well.

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  5. ScaleMotorcars's Avatar Administrator
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    Were you able to return to this build? The Jag is great but a little for SMC.
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  6. Egon's Avatar Moderator
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    This Mercedes is for sale on Ebay now act quickly if you want a perfect body build. me=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

    [B]Sold for small money[/B]
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