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Thread: 1/8 Citroen 5

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      O.K. folks!
      This is it... my program for this kit's build:

      1.- For the respect I have for this particular car AND the kit, I will not change it in any way. The kit assembly will represent the 1951 car just at it was, BUT, I commit myself in doing the highest degree of superdetailing I'm capable of. (Here comes in the amount of data I have collected to this date, and more while the kit gets to my hands)

      2.- I will draw in Autocad as many special details I can, to help me in superdetailing, as usual I'll share those drawings with all of you.

      3.- Any part that comes with the kit I consider non realistic, I'll scratchbuild it using the nearest material to reality possible.

      4.- I will receive important quantities of scale bolts & nuts from Dan, so as I usually try to do, whenever possible I'll change glueing for bolting. (I'll try to assemble the model in such a way that theoretically you'll be able to dismantle it completely with no destruction whatsoever)

      5.- I know beforehand that this kit has a sensible flaw, that it is very weak in some subassemblies due to it's finished weight, this will force me to scratchbuild many parts in metal.

      6.- I will also share with you all the data I have along with the building, so if anyone wishes to build the same kit, he'll get a lot of work already done, on the other hand, all the stages of this build will help you with any other model.

      7.- I'll try to use new techniques along the assembly, in such a way to get the highest ball I've ever had with a big scale kit.

      8.- And many other things I don't know now, but will necessarily appear during the build!

      Wish me luck!!!


      P.S. Please find enclosed some technical images...

      The Shadow

      Build Photos

      1/8 Citroen 5-1934-traction-avant-jpg  1/8 Citroen 5-page13-1007-jpg  1/8 Citroen 5-ta5-jpg  1/8 Citroen 5-tagang-jpg 

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  1. Don Garrett's Avatar Asst. Administrator
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    I'll post a pic shortly of the kit with a 1/25th model for size comparison and to show everyone what the re-issue looks like. Guys if you buy one on eBay watch the postage.....shouldn't be more than twenty bucks. A kit at $190 with 35 to 40 bucks postage is not a great deal. The sellers justify it by saying it's packaging costs...gimme a break. Unfortunately some folks drive the price up by padding the postage costs.
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  2. hot ford coupe's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    I'll be recording this one on CD. That way, it will be around forever. This will be the most important documented build yet as it will show exactly how a modeler with Mario's skills and experience approaches a difficult model kit, adds detail and corrects the inaccuracy. We'll all learn something on this one.
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  3. Don Garrett's Avatar Asst. Administrator
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    The box for this re-issue measures 29 1/4" x 20 1/4" x 4 3/4". The art is beautiful...suitable for framing.
    That's a 1/25th R/M Willys sitting on the corner...big box huh?

    The manual is 29 sheets printed both sides 11 3/4" x 16 1/2".

    Oh my, thats a lot of parts.

    There are 13 bags of parts, some as large as 13 1/2" x 20". Along with 5 tires, some loose (thin) vacuum formed parts (headliner, door pockets) and plastic belly pan.
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