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      My current project. 1907 FIAT as prepared to compete in the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race.
      Wanted to add the Number 5 for Louis Chevrolet. However, unable to verify color as Raced. Can only assume Red as assigned to Italy by the F1 Racing Organization of that period. So I built as a car one could have observed then. I did not want to build as the standard version as on box.
      Vanderbilt Cup FIAT 1/8-20220823_223927-jpg
      Vanderbilt Cup FIAT 1/8-20221002_131415-jpg
      Vanderbilt Cup FIAT 1/8-20220922_103135-jpg

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      Vanderbilt Cup FIAT 1/8-20220921_180952-jpg 

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    Here are a few more photos. I weathered the engine slightly to show use, but not look like she has been ran hard and long. The wood pattern was removed and veneer was used to replicate the wooden floorboards. I elected to use the leaf springs that came with kit. However, I do have the MMC'S set. Leaf springs wrapped and working on chains now.
    Vanderbilt Cup FIAT 1/8-20220823_201409-jpg
    Vanderbilt Cup FIAT 1/8-20220924_142839-jpg
    Vanderbilt Cup FIAT 1/8-20220913_000309-jpg

    Vanderbilt Cup FIAT 1/8

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    Hello, this is an interesting subject. I have the kit in my todo-stash, with a number of MMC's add-ons.
    Any particular reason why you did not use MMC springs?

    What is so specific on the Vanderbilt version of the car?
    Best regards,

    Feel free to browse through my photo albums

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