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      A few years ago I had the priveledge of driving the Shuttleworth Collections Arrol Johnson dogcart on the London to Brighton rally. Inspired, I decided to build a model of the car. Fortunately I have regular access for dimensioning etc.

      Arrol Johnson build-img_0837-jpg
      Here is a picture of the real car on its run.

      Arrol Johnson build-thumbnail_img_0877-jpgArrol Johnson build-thumbnail_img_1366-jpg

      I kind of figured that the wheels were going to be the most difficult part and decided to start there. The two front wheels are 12 spoke and the rear ones 14 spoke.

      Arrol Johnson build-img_1369-jpg

      One of the finished wheels, without the tyre. In practice the wheel has an iron rim, but brass seemed a good substitute
      Making cart wheels is a labour of love and took many many hours. but I got there in the end. Flushed with success, I started on thye chassis.

      Arrol Johnson build-thumbnail_img_0918-jpgArrol Johnson build-thumbnail_img_0920-jpgArrol Johnson build-thumbnail_img_0913-jpg
      here are the rear springs which are single leaf springs, togerther with the chassis sporting the front springs and axle.

      Arrol Johnson build-thumbnail_img_0882-jpgArrol Johnson build-thumbnail_img_0917-jpg

      The front springs in assembly, and a snapshot of the chassis with them fitted.

      Arrol Johnson build-img_1790-jpgArrol Johnson build-thumbnail_img_0911-jpgArrol Johnson build-img_1676-jpg

      Here, the rear differential and radius arms before fitting to the axle

      Arrol Johnson build-img_1795-jpg
      Here, the axle clamp and spring assembly fitted to the axle clamp. just prior to fitting to the chassis above
      Arrol Johnson build-img_1588-jpg
      The chassis, essentially complete and rolling.
      Arrol Johnson build-img_1585-jpgArrol Johnson build-img_1673-jpg

      The body side panels after completion. Here I took 1 mm oak sheet and made a the base frame components followed by the overlay pieces which give the model depth and are as on the real car. The two were then glued to make the sides of the vehicle. In real life, the timber side mebers on the lower half are attached to steel sheets. Here you can see the units completed with brass sheet glued to the rear of the two lower halves of the body side panels. The brass can be seen on the second photo on the right hand side.
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  1. MODEL A MODEL's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    Very Nice! It is wonderful to see a back seat driver! -I don't count the back most seats, as they are facing the wrong way to drive safely!

    May I ask what scale you are working in?

    Again, very nice!

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  2. Captainairfix's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    Been remiss at keeping this build current. It is now finished but here are some retrospective updates

    The steering box is of the worm type so relatively easi to build a working model
    here the body is in assembly, the sides are oak lined with brass. Gorilla glue was used to adhere the two parts together

    Seat completed. The frame is oak, the seat cushions I made with balsa wood as the base and covered them with bookbinding leather.

    Just before final assembly, all the brass parts were disassembled and cleaned. Then sub assemblies put back together.

    And finally, the completed vehicle

    Some detailing shots

    The rear showing the fuel tank and differential assembly

    The front highlighting the radiator and front axle

    Arrol Johnson build
    Attached Images Attached Images Arrol Johnson build-img_1705-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-img_1805-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-img_1670-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-img_0268-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-img_1669-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-img_1793-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-img_1706-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-img_1799-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-thumbnail_img_0082-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-thumbnail_img_1054-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-thumbnail_img_1055-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-thumbnail_img_1044-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-thumbnail_img_1316-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-thumbnail_img_1312-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-thumbnail_img_1707-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-thumbnail_img_0912-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-thumbnail_img_0085-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-img_0270-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-thumbnail_img_0267-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-img_0260-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-img_0258-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-img_0083-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-img_0082-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-img_0274-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-img_1800-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-img_1801-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-img_0273-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-img_0261-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-img_0243-jpg  Arrol Johnson build-thumbnail_img_0256-jpg 

  3. Bugatti Fan's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Oct 2011
    This is rather nice! A combination of horse drawn vehicle and auto modelling skills drawn on for this fine model.

  4. happyfreddy's Avatar Established Member
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    Dec 2015
    a very impressive nice and detailled work

  5. Roger Zimmermann's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    May 2012
    This is a very nice model!

  6. nickedw's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    Dec 2019
    Very impressive, great work.

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