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      Here is a recent build of the 1/20 Revival Alfa Romeo P3. One of my favourite cars driven by one of my favourite F1 drivers - Tazio Nuvolari.

      The model has a metla body and comes prepainted (in red) but I wanted to build it in the Muletto livery so stripped the paint and applied a matt as I have seen on photos of the actual car. Other than that mostly a OOB 1/20 Alfa P3 Muletto by Revival build with some extra detail here and there. The Revival kits are pretty long in the tooth these days and far superseded by other 1/20 kits such as those available from MFH, but MFH does not at this stage have a kit of this particular car (their kit of the 1951 Alfa 159 is spectacular!)

      Anyway, for the Alfa and other classic F1 fans, here it is...
      1/20 Alfa P3 Muletto by Revival-1-jpg
      1/20 Alfa P3 Muletto by Revival-9-jpg
      1/20 Alfa P3 Muletto by Revival-2-jpg
      1/20 Alfa P3 Muletto by Revival-3-jpg
      1/20 Alfa P3 Muletto by Revival-4-jpg
      1/20 Alfa P3 Muletto by Revival-5-jpg
      1/20 Alfa P3 Muletto by Revival-8-jpg
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