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    1. Kit: POcher, by (VIP/Sponsor) PROPELLER is online now
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      Supported Restoration

      Hi gentlemen!
      A come back... First, many thanks to ThierryD, who inspired me with his gorgeous "resurection"...It's time to me to restore and convert my old T50 to a T46 Surprofilée. Why? I do love the sensual lines and the single overhead camshaft motor of this beauty ...

      Well, found in my barn:

      Yes, some work are needed...
      Let's go!

      First, the front axle, the unique Bugatti front axle.
      In a bad shape now, but...


      Parts , on the left Pocher, the rest mine, after some work on lathe, milling machine, and so one, and some hours of course...

      Welcome Bugatti lovers!
      "Vive la marque"

      Thanks for looking,

      BUGATTI T46 Surprofilée 1/8
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  1. PROPELLER's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Jan 2010
    BUGATTI T46 Surprofilée 1/8
    Before painting the wings for the first coat, which I hope this time successful (!), I had to take care of the protective strips, molded at Pocher, eliminated by me.
    I thought of a walk ... It's a nightmare!
    Trials of several techniques, here is the best rendering, but I will have to add a median fixation, which does not exist in reality, but I do not want to have to stick on the beautiful_ I hope_ painting! All this to get regular intervals ...


    BUGATTI T46 Surprofilée 1/8
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  2. Roger Zimmermann's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    May 2012
    Yep, a difficult task! I don't know which material you used for the strips; how to glue them on a transparent self adhesive foil and glue the assembly on the painted fenders?
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  3. Egon's Avatar Moderator
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    Sep 2009
    How about making small holes in size of the strip and make the strip a bit longer than the holes distance, and they will bend, then 10sec. superglue.

    I have also seen some that make a round rod molding with holes in the end, and make grooves in the fender so only the half of the round molding showes. You can make several pegs along the molding to keep it down in the groove.
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  4. Roger Zimmermann's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    May 2012
    Yesterday, I wanted t suggest another method, but something got in between and I forgot...Have some double sided adhesive tape, first on the strips (some trimming of the tape will be needed), apply the first one at the proper location, use a strip of whatever you want as a spacer to apply the second one, use that spacer for the third one and so on.
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  5. Haddewade's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    Jul 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by Egon View Post
    then 10sec. superglue.
    I won't recommend using superglue, that stuff gives almost always a haze on a painted surface.

    I would solder ore glue bolts (3 ore 4) on the underside of the strips, poke a hole thrue the fender and with threaded inserts bolt the strips on. That's how i think original done also. U can prepare it all before painting.
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  6. Richard Bartrop's Avatar Active Member
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    Dec 2013
    I've had good luck with 5 minute epoxy BUGATTI T46 Surprofilée 1/8 . It doesn't attack styrene BUGATTI T46 Surprofilée 1/8 or the model paints I use, and you do have a little time to position things. Alternatively, make a set of grooves that are ever so slightly undersize, and go with a press fit?
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  7. Roger Zimmermann's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    May 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Bartrop View Post
    Alternatively, make a set of grooves that are ever so slightly undersize, and go with a press fit?
    How would you make grooves straight and equally spaced on that set of fenders?
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  8. MODEL A MODEL's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    Feb 2017
    BUGATTI T46 Surprofilée 1/8
    If you want to try the recessed groove idea, you could cut/mill your slots all the way through and then glue on a backing plate on the under-side?

    Make a fixture of "Bondo" or a body filler, to support the fender at the correct attitude while allowing your cutter to pass through the plastic fender.

    Your "strips" would now have the benefit of being part thickness plus however much you want them to be above the surface. -a little less delicate, and the "groove" offers a place to contain your epoxy BUGATTI T46 Surprofilée 1/8 . With the precaution of drilling small holes to allow excess glue to drip down and out
    while placing your strips.

    What material do you want to use to make the strips? Solder is very formable , and pewter?
    my two cents?

    Last edited by MODEL A MODEL; 01-13-18 at 04:40 AM.
    -craftsmanship is a lifelong project of
    self-construction and self determination
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