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      hello everyone ,, you may have seen my post on the cobra ,, 1/8 scale

      i wanted to tell everyone about the opportunity this gives me , to build a model i wished for for a long time , ,, if anyone would like to know more , or even if anyone wants a dream to come true by having his or her car model made , than contact me ,,
      i do not if i am allowed to do this , if not than please tell me than i will delete this post

      the person who makes my cobra , also makes basicaly any car you would want

      he prints through shapeways , in SLS material ,
      this is a flexible plastic with a bit of a grainy feel to it ,

      i know there are a few out there who do the same , and print the models in 3mm thickness , but that is near impossible to affort , so these are printed in 1 mm ,

      so yes it is flexible , but after priming and sanding 3d printed bodies it is compleetly smooth , and with an interiour and some strengthening it will be fine ,,

      here are some 3d drawings of models he has made , but he can do basicaly any model ,, if you want to contact him have a look at his facebook page , and message him ,, ( he has no website )

      3d printed bodies-13310489_1180709281960155_7003398464809294502_n-jpg

      3d printed bodies-13452978_1188870504477366_1871301154_o-kopie-jpg

      3d printed bodies-13339503_1183870501644033_6608977452108822491_n-jpg

      3d printed bodies-13619843_1203844302979986_6483193952847231312_n-jpg

      3d printed bodies-13450737_1194362950594788_2675244980815668571_n-jpg

      3d printed bodies-13600072_1220502897980793_8338066414065039906_n-jpg

      3d printed bodies-13508945_1198753686822381_364703454266283776_n-jpg

      so hope this helps , for anyone who ever wished for a model that is not available ,,

      just to make clear ,, i am also a customer , and have nothing to do with this at all , i just wanted to show so everyone has the chance to find the dream car they want ,,

      he can also do this in difrent scales , from 1/43 to 1/4 scale


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