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    1. Kit: Airfix, by (Yearly Subscriber) Jo NZ is offline
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      This very much comes under the heading of future projects, but I believe it can be built from the Airfix kit, with a scratch built 1/12 Birkin Blower Bentley single seater body. I've already found some 3D print files for the body, which even if not accurate, could be used as the basis for a body buck.

      Has anyone attempted it?

      1/12 Birkin Blower Bentley single seater-birkinbentley_1500-jpg

      1/12 Birkin Blower Bentley single seater
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  1. Jo NZ's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    Sep 2011
    Well I made an Ally floor - and discarded it... Because I think it's plywood. The advance/retard cover is either black or brass - need to check back on photos. One didn't polish one's racer in the 30's, old boy...

    And the two period pictures are early 1931. Small radiator cowl opening, vertical carburettors (the damper vertical, that is) and no oil pump on the front of the blower.
    And your cockpit shot shows carpet. I'm not doing that!

    1/12 Birkin Blower Bentley single seater
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  2. Bugatti Fan's Avatar Established Member
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    Jo, what a beauty you have built. I saw another modeller's finished monoposto at the 2019 IPMS 1/12 Birkin Blower Bentley single seater Scalemodelworld . His was finished in the car's original blue colour when it first raced. If you can find it on the internet it may be interesting for you to have a look at. The car has had a number of changes throughout its life. I believe that the new owner is in the process of restoring the car back into its original specification. It is difficult as a subject as so.many photos of the car show it at different times with different modifications.
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  3. JunkGTZ's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    I don't know if you have seen this, but it's a biopic of Tim Birkin starring of all people, Rowan Atkinson a.k.a. Mr. Bean! As far as I know it's his only serious role. Fun stuff! Here's part 1. Part 2 shows up in the right hand margin on Youtube as next up. Enjoy!

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