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    1. Kit: Trumpeter, by (Yearly Subscriber) Jo NZ is online now
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      Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-race-jpg
      This build is of the [I]moral[/I] winner in 1966 - the Ken Miles / Denny Hulme car. The colour is Ford Arcadian Blue - in fact all eight MkIIs were painted in 1966 Mustang colours. There are substantial differences between the cars - although the various team cars (Shelby, Holman and Moody and Alan Mann) are pretty similar between themselves.

      It's a strange kit - very good in parts and horrible in others.

      Problems so far:
      The underside of the tops and leading edges of the passenger door needs chamfering to allow it to close (but why not the drivers door?)
      If you want to fit a spare wheel in the front, you'll need a space saver. Something is VERY out of scale
      The windscreen has a moulded trim surround. It shouldn't - it's bonded in. Beware if you file off this surround (I did!) the screen pillars get very fragile
      The battery is modern and should be replaced with a period one
      The decal Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII sheet for the no.2 car (the black one) omits the Mclaren racing badges in the side windows, and the silver fern on the right front fender

      The first thing I tried was the seats - there are a couple of hundred rings in the seat fabric, and they are a feature of the car. There is an aftermarket kit with individual rings (about 1.5 mm diameter) for those with masochistic tendencies...
      The rings are moulded into the seat. My solution was to cover the central portion of the seat with Bare-Metal foil, spray it Matt black and then gently rub off the paint from the raised detail - it works a treat.
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  1. Jo NZ's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    Sep 2011
    Here are some early picturesTrumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2243-jpgTrumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2244-jpgThis is why you can't fit a spare tyre (lucky there isn't one in the kit!)Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2247-jpgTrumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2249-jpgTrumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2248-jpgTrumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2250-jpgAt least I have oil in the dry sump tank...Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2251-jpg

    More soon

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII
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  2. Jo NZ's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    Sep 2011
    The steering rack is far too long and gives excessive toe-out. I cured it by cutting a section out of the centre of the rack and sleeving between the tie-rod boots with a piece of aluminium tube.
    I wasn't worried about it working, and in retrospect I should have removed the tab on the front bulkhead.

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2253-jpg

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII
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  3. Jo NZ's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    Sep 2011
    Here's how the seats turned out

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2270-jpg

    A wider cockpit view. The roll over bar and it's support weren't fitted until the end of the '66 season so need to be deleted for Le Mans. The decals provide for a speedo - again not fitted for LM, it's space is used for the on/off switch. Yellow for the no 1 car, but the others varied...
    The gearknob has been replaced with a round one.

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2271-jpg

    The passenger door needs chamfering to allow it to close, mainly along the A pillar and on the front edge.

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2274-jpg

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2279-jpg

    Trumpeter go to a lot of trouble with the oil and fuel hoses and fittings, but there's no distributor or leads. Wierd.

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2272-jpg

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2273-jpg

    Some general views...
    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2264-jpg

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2267-jpg

    The windscreen needs a lot of work to make it fit...
    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2275-jpg

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII

  4. Jo NZ's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
    Join Date
    Sep 2011
    An update: the decals are on, but need a bit of fine tuning. The fluorescent red front wing panels are masked and sprayed - the bodywork is much too curved for the supplied decal Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII , which like all the decals is stiff and a little brittle. I tried Microsol, which didn't touch it, and then Aero Master Aero sol, which wrinkled the decal Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII and then...dried wrinkled. It also stained the paint, so the front bodywork got another rub down and respray. The only other challenge was on the roof - the stripe decals won't sit down over the roof vents, so that will mean a little local painting with white and re-edging with scrap black decal Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII . The eyebrows over the doors will likewise need white and black added.
    I had a drama with the respray of the front bodywork - I masked and sprayed the interior black, but it bled through next to the n/s sidelight, reacted with the masking Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII tape and took the blue paint off. Luckily it's in a position where I can cover it with black tape - the lower lights had protectors taped over them from the start of the race until it got dark. That made the "model it as it started or finished the race" question easy to answer!

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2294-jpg

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2297-jpg

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2298-jpg

    This was supposed to be built out of the box - but I can't resist the odd upgrade, so apart from the replacement tyres (from Icon Automotive Miniatures), I cut the slots in the spoiler and used M1 bolts for the fixings

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2295-jpg

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII

  5. broadspeed's Avatar Active Member
    Join Date
    Nov 2012
    very nicely done , love the details , and the gt40 is one of my fav, cars ever ,, so my compliments

  6. Twokidsnosleep's Avatar Established Member
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    Jan 2015
    Got one of these big guys on my bucket list also
    Really nice work you have done, the extra details make the difference

  7. Jo NZ's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
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    Sep 2011
    Well it's finally finished - and I'm not sorry. Being used to scratchbuilding, I thought that a modern kit would be a refreshing change, but as much as there is to delight in the kit there are just as many disappointments and frustrations. It will now go on display with the body panels fitting as well as they can. What's particularly galling is that it all looks like it fits together OK from the box - until you get paint near it. I had allowed for paint thickness, but obviously not enough. Also there isn't enough decal Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII for the stripes over the spoiler. The aftermarket decals for this version copy the kit decals, so there will be the same problem with the black no.2 car. I used black and white plain decal Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII for the spoiler stripe, and also added the stripes over the door eyebrows at the same time.
    From a distance it looks good.

    Here's the third attempt to fit the screen. it needs filing down to get it to fit, and if you just use tape to hold it in while the adhesive (I used Kristal Kleer) sets the roof sags and leaves the top of the screen proud.
    Incidentally, to prevent the glue showing I painted the edge of the transparency, and the body location, black. (paint is a bit of a misnomer - actually I used a black Sharpie, with a fine-line pen for the fiddly bits)

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2307-jpg

    And here it is finished - interesting how the paint colour varies depending on the light level

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2325-jpg

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2327-jpg

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2332-jpg

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2334-jpg

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2336-jpg

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2335-jpg

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2339-jpg

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2340-jpg

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII-img_2341-jpg

    Trumpeter 1/12 Ford GT40 MkII
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  8. JunkGTZ's Avatar VIP/Sponsor
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    Dec 2012
    I was wondering what your solutions to some of the fitment issues were going to be, but having seen your other work knew you'd be dealing with it. It looks fabulous even if it was a difficult task to get it just right! I'm not sure I would have been able to deal with those sorts of things so neatly. Mine would have had big ugly screws and glue holding it together!

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