Pocher 540k roadster
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Pocher 540k roadster Pocher 540k roadster Pocher 540k roadster Pocher 540k roadster Pocher 540k roadster
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    1. Kit: POCHER, by (Yearly Subscriber) petert is offline
      Builder Last Online: Jan 2019 Show Printable Version Email this Page
      Model Scale: 1/8 Rating:  Thanks: 2
      Started: 01-12-16 Build Revisions: Never  
      Supported Includes Transkit Attribution Build in Progress

      Just started the build on my Mercedes 540k Roadster. I think I now have all the after market parts I wanted from model motorcars Pocher 540k roadster and Pocher Upgrades as well as some 3d printed parts I did myself. I have improoved the inlet and exhaust manifold, the air filter, the carbureta inlet plate and the fuel filters as well as producing a set of wire wheels that are a vast improvement on the plastic ones in the box. Well at least mine have 3 rows of 28 spokes and they are round. To see a video of the moving pistons and crank shaft follow this link

      Due to the absence of Scale Model Cars I have not been able to update this thread for some time. The model is now complete and a selection of

      photographs have been added to show construction phases and the completed Model. A video will be completed shortly. Thanks to Model Motorcars Pocher 540k roadster Ltd.
      On to the next one now, probably the Rolls Royce Sedanica or the Alpha Romeo.

      Pocher 540k roadster-dscn0305-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0410-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0284-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0321-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0436-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0299-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0382-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0304-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0404-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0283-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0311-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0433-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0290-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0355-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0303-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0403-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0308-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0434-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0287-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0351-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0301-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0385-jpg

      Pocher 540k roadster-dscn0076-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0075-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0201-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0229-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0231-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0228-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0227-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0226-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0225-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0224-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0222-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0204-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0203-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0202-jpg

      Build Photos

      Pocher 540k roadster-dscn0450-jpg  Pocher 540k roadster-dscn0448-jpg  Pocher 540k roadster-dscn0446-jpg  Pocher 540k roadster-dscn0444-jpg  Pocher 540k roadster-dscn0438-jpg  Pocher 540k roadster-dscn0440-jpg 

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  1. bmtk5398's Avatar Member
    Join Date
    Dec 2011
    Looks like you're off to a good start! My Benz has been on hold for three years now, but I will resurrect it shortly!
    Good luck.

  2. Pouln's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
    Join Date
    Aug 2015

    nice stuff you created. Hope to see much more of this and the build you will be doing.


  3. petert's Avatar Yearly Subscriber
    Join Date
    Apr 2015
    Engine now completed and looks pretty good. The Pocher engine as supplied in the kit is incorrect for the 540k (apparently0 as detailed in Marvin Meit's and David Cox's books available from model motorcars Pocher 540k roadster . com. I have 3d printed the modified exhaust and inlet manifold, the air breather, the oil scraper and the carburettor inlet plate. The fuel pump has been moved to the correct side of the engine and new 3d printed fuel filters added, The plumbing Pocher 540k roadster and throttle linkages are interpreted from whatever photographs I could source and are probably a mixture of several cars so I can't swear to the absolute correctness but I think its probably about right. The ignition wire and the ignition harness tube are by model motorcars Pocher 540k roadster as are the additional gear box / throttle linkages. Now to start on the Chassis.
    Pocher 540k roadster-dscn0266-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0269-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0270-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0272-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0273-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0274-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0276-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0277-jpgPocher 540k roadster-dscn0279-jpg

    Pocher 540k roadster

  4. alexoneil's Avatar Member
    Join Date
    Jul 2016


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