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      Some of you have asked for help with uploading photo's to the Forum and the Gallery. I'll try to explain it as simply as possible, but if you still have trouble, contact one of us off site and we'll walk you through it. Before you start, its important to remember that your picture size must be within 800 X 800. If you look at your digital camera menu, there will be image quality settings. On my Olympus, the closest setting is 640 X 480, and thats what I use for this site.

      After you have completed your text, scroll down and click on MANAGE ATTACHMENTS.

      When the window opens, click on BROWSE and you will be taken to wherever you store your photo's in your computer.

      HI-LITE the photo you want to upload and click on OPEN.

      You will then be taken back to the MANAGE ATTACHMENTS window where you will click on UPLOAD. Continue this process until you have uploaded all the picture's you want to add to your text message. Keep in mind that it may take a few seconds for each picture to load onto this window.

      Go the bottom of the window and click on CLOSE THIS WINDOW.

      Scroll down and click on SUBMIT NEW THREAD. Depending on the number of picture's you have added, it may take a minute or so for everything to upload.

      Click on UPLOAD PHOTOS follow the same basic procedure as above and when finished, click on UPLOAD SUBMIT.

      I hope this helps.

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    Might want to caution members to be sure they size the pictures for the forum per the limits suggested for each type picture, i.e. 800 x 800 max for jpg. If they exceed size the pictures won't load and you sit around wondering what is going on.

    And they can send larger to the gallery. Sending larger to the gallery allows pictures to be expanded so tiny details are easier to view.

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    You can also use an off site source such as Photobucket or Fotki to manage and load photos using their image code.
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