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Thread: Nuts and Bolts

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      I've just been admiring Sean's work on the Monza Mulletto. The detail is amazing!

      Sean, or anyone else, could you please share with us how you
      detail items like nuts, bolts and fittings. I know some castings are good enough to paint the bolt head and I know some builders drill, tap and install screws and bolts but I'd like to know more. I haven't started my Pocher builds yet, but when I do, I'd like to try some detail work. Also, for those of us who are building hot Nuts and Bolts rods, it might be fun to add some more detail in the form of bolt heads etc.

      So, if any of the "Masters" in the group are willing to share some tips and photos, it would be appreciated.

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  1. Thanks Rick ! /B
    I don't have a tecnique as such for what I do on pochers ! The only real advise I can give is

    If you want to just simply insert a bolt into a piece of plastic , what can I say but drill an oversize hole and insert the bolt with a smige of Instant glue to hold it in place thats all I do.
    You guys are only working with plastic there's no secret method , on the other hand if you want to start working in all brass then thats another ball game thats advise I can give!


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    there is a company called Grandt Line Products in CA. I ordered some last week so should be here soon. My local hobby shop didn't have any but were willing to order for me.

    finding the page can be next to impossible so here it is:

    They have other neat things too.

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    If you don't mind using styrene Nuts and Bolts as your medium, get ahold of Evergreen or Plastruct styrene Nuts and Bolts hex shaped rods. They come in sizes I can't find in brass like .020" and such. Just cut off a short piece with a razor saw or very sharp knife, clean up the edges if you need to, glue them down carefully with a small set of tweezers and some CA and paint or cover with BMF Nuts and Bolts as you see fit. I've done that a number of times for some really small bolt detail and it's worked great. The bolts on the tranny cover or whatever you call it are made of the .030 hex styrene Nuts and Bolts rod.
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    Don't forget to get some square rod and black paint for the Bugattis as well...

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